Explore why Citrix Workspace user education is the key to success

Embrace early user adoption

The way we work is changing. Employees are no longer tethered to desks and fixed PCs. They’re out in the field, visiting clients, roaming around campuses, and even working from home. Success depends on their ability to securely access what they need, from wherever they are, with a great, simple experience. When employees don’t have the right tools they need to do their best work, productivity can suffer. But perhaps more importantly, it can impact their ability to deliver exceptional customer experiences. 

Embrace adoption early

We created Citrix Workspace to give people the flexibility to work their way — with the security and control IT requires. But even the best technology will fail without successful implementation and adoption. Before you roll out Citrix Workspace — or any technology — you need to have a robust plan in place, starting with communicating the value.

Communication is key 

According to a McKinsey study, clear communication is critical during a digital transformation. More specifically, one key to success is communicating a change story, which helps employees understand where the organization is headed, why it is changing, and why the changes are important. At organizations that follow this practice, a successful transformation is more than three times more likely.

Consider your use cases

A good place to begin is reflecting on why your users will love Citrix solutions as much as you do. Then tailor your plan to demonstrate that value to your users — things like giving them the flexibility to work from anywhere on any device and providing better user experiences that will make work more simple and secure.

Bechtle is future-ready by focusing on adoption and user experience

“[We are] using customer adoption kits, training videos published on YouTube, and integrating them into our own documentation really to help the users in adopting the technology and using the technology.”

Marco Stalder
Team Leader of Workspace Services

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