Citrix and Upwork: Rethinking tech and talent in a remote work world

The battle for talent among companies around the world has intensified. Organizations must rethink their workforce strategies and be more agile than ever in their approach to acquiring and working with talent. Citrix and Upwork empower flexible work models and provide fast, easy, and secure access to untapped pools of specialized talent to fuel business innovation and growth.

Watch the video of a CEO to CEO conversation about remote work, the future of talent and how organizations are leveraging Citrix Workspace to do their best work, regardless of location.

See how Citrix + Upwork bring tech and talent together to power the future of work

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Upwork Microapps for Citrix Workspace simplifies hiring talent

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Companies have embraced remote work. Leaders have had an awakening moment and now see remote work as a new path to be competitive. It’s a key way for them to engage their workforce and tap into the right talent, regardless of location.

Hayden Brown

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