Verve Networks harnesses Citrix marketing horsepower to grow into the mid-market

Deciding to up-level your target market is one thing – accomplishing this shift is another. Verve Networks, a Citrix Solution Advisor serving California’s Central Valley, combined its namesake enthusiasm and vigor with the power of marketing programs and technical resources from Citrix and Ingram Micro to achieve its goal. Thanks to a multi-faceted marketing campaign and expansion of its core virtualization offering into mobility and cloud, the company:

Made the transition from SMB to mid-market customers

Raised its visibility among customers, Citrix Services and other vendors

Is positioned for triple-digit growth in the next 12 months

Making a big splash

Verve Networks began as a managed services provider to SMBs, but aimed to accelerate growth and build the business by focusing on larger customers. To change perceptions and open new opportunities, the company teamed up with Citrix and Ingram Micro to increase its visibility.

CEO Jeff Gilbert explained, “We used Citrix MarketingIQ and the Citrix Grand Prix call blitz program to make a big splash in the local area. We arranged a customer event co-funded by Citrix and used the call-down program to drive attendance. Outreach was based on email marketing tools and scripts provided by Citrix and customized and co-branded for our needs. After holding the major event, we followed up with several smaller ones to reach as many of our 1,500 business and IT contacts as possible.”

The results were impressive: 30 net-new client discussions and opportunities with much larger organizations. For example, Verve Networks was invited to  meet with a 1,000-employee wine company that had never even considered Citrix solutions. After engaging local and remote Citrix and Ingram Micro experts to educate the client on Citrix Endpoint Management MDM, an evaluation was set up through the Virtual Cloud Demo Center. The wine company was so impressed, they abandoned an ongoing MDM pilot with a competitor. In addition to implementing 200 seats of Citrix Endpoint Management and Citrix Content Collaboration with assistance from Citrix Services, Verve Networks conducted a pilot of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and Citrix ADC.

As a result of this marketing campaign, Verve has added $2 million in potential projects to its pipeline, which include ongoing support. Gilbert added, “For the first time, key vendors are reaching out to us to see how they can help build our business. In just 60 days, we signed half a dozen new consulting agreements to help us with architecting solutions for clients. The impact of this campaign on our pipeline has been incredible.”

In addition to marketing campaigns and events, Verve Networks participated in the Citrix Customer Success Story program, which resulted in a case study on a Citrix Virtual Apps implementation for a local accounting firm.

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We took advantage of every aspect of our relationship with Citrix and Ingram Micro to fill gaps in business, sales, marketing and technical expertise so we could present Verve as a territory leader in mobility, virtualization and cloud. Citrix and Ingram Micro really know how to help partners succeed. We believe that with the horsepower of this combined partnership, the sky is the limit.
Jeff Gilbert
Verve Networks