Gain visibility to your virtual applications and users

Your digital workspace simplifies the management and delivery of apps across your organization. But you need deep visibility into traffic flows in order to understand application performance issues, address user-access issues and ensure a high-performance user experience.

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Citrix Application Delivery Management lets administrators examine the network data from various angles including by application, desktop, user groups and individual users, resulting in faster root-cause analysis. You can also see TCP level jitter and latency information while getting a detailed breakdown of ICA session latency by client, ICA RTT, and by server. This information can be viewed in real time or you can see historical information, all on simple-to-understand dashboards.

Citrix Application Delivery Management provides the following reports both in historical and real-time views:

  • Top users by number of apps and desktop launched, bandwidth consumed, client device information, app launch count, active sessions, active desktops, and latency.
  • Top desktops (per specific time frame) across all Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops users by total number of launches, established sessions, uptime, and session latency.
  • Top apps (per specific time frame) across all users, by up-time and total number of launches.

Gateway Insight in Citrix Application Delivery Management provides visibility into the failures that users encounter when logging on, regardless of the access mode.

With Gateway Insight, you can view:

  • A list of users logged on, number of active sessions, and bytes consumed and licenses used by all users.
  • The end-point analysis (EPA), authentication, single sign-on (SSO), and application launch failures for a user.
  • Details of active and terminated sessions for a user.   

Citrix Application Delivery Management also provides visibility into the reasons for application launch failure for virtual applications. This increases your ability to troubleshoot login or application launch failure issues. View the number of applications launched, active sessions, and number of bytes and bandwidth consumed by the applications. Also, view details of the users, sessions, bandwidth, and launch errors for an application.

Unlike other solutions which have multiple touch points and require a complex configuration of network taps or intrusive agent software, Citrix Application Delivery Management provides end-to-end visibility with the organization’s existing footprint of Citrix ADC, Citrix Gateway, or Citrix SD-WAN instances. The required instrumentation is already a part of those solutions; it only needs to be turned on and configured with Citrix Application Delivery Management.

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Citrix Application Delivery Management

  • Application centric visibility and analytics for applications deployed on any cloud
  • Automates application delivery services across public cloud and on-premise sites
  • Supports high availability of applications across multi-cloud environments