Optimize internet performance with predictive Domain Name System (DNS)

Leverage a machine-learning based authoritative DNS for your hybrid infrastructure

Traditional Domain Name System (DNS) was built for a different time: before the public cloud, CDNs, and hybrid-IT technologies were in common use. In today's cloud environment, a new set of problems has arisen that require a new design. Performance, availability, measurability, and reporting are now the drivers for a new DNS—a predictive DNS.

Predictive DNS was built for modern enterprises who employ micro-services and ephemeral infrastructures, resulting in industry leading availability and latency for authoritative DNS. A predictive DNS leverages machine-learning to optimize performance across today’s hybrid cloud infrastructure.

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Real User Monitoring (RUM) provides a critical data set necessary for real-time automated application delivery. With real-time understanding of worldwide network health, you get the performance data you need to automate app delivery and ensure the best user experience your application can offer. Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management utilizes the world's largest user experience community to gather data about the status of networks across the world. This holistic picture of internet health is the only way to ensure the best user experience in traffic guidance to your site.

The Citrix cloud service monitors your data centers and content repositories synthetically to analyze the health of the underlying application resources and proactively tests customer application experience. This information feeds into the Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management predictive DNS system to guide users to the best web performance and guarantee the best user experience.

Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management is a global leader in low latency DNS resolution. We use predictive DNS spread across four anycast networks in the cloud with more than 90 points of presence across the globe to maximize uptime. Citrix also delivers the fastest (<30 second) DNS propagation and will scale to billions of requests.

Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management provides a completely cloud-based solution for DNS. There is no hardware to buy, nothing to install or maintain. The updates are continuous with no maintenance windows and no capacity planning.

Citrix product

Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management

  • Guarantee the best user experience by guiding users with performance-based metrics.
  • Leverage more than 14 billion real user measurements daily to gain actionable insights.
  • Deliver the fastest DNS propagation and scale to billions of requests