Optimize application delivery with global server load balancing (GSLB) as a service

Managing app delivery with Citrix

Leverage real intelligence to provide the best user experience

The internet’s dynamic nature makes application delivery more complicated than it has ever been. The changing conditions and outages in the internet can make it challenging for businesses. Keeping your users engaged means getting them to the best performing site for your applications.

Classic GSLB only factors in data center conditions when making traffic-steering decisions. To provide the best experience means ensuring that every user is directed to the best platform for them at the time they make their request. That requires a real-time understanding of the entire application delivery path. including internet conditions.

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Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management offers GLSB as a service, which has granular, real-time visibility of the internet from the users’ perspective. Using machine learning analysis, it can determine which of your sites offers the best performance for each user at the time of their requests and can dynamically adjust as conditions change.

Data centers and cloud conditions are important factors for traffic distribution. There is, after all, no point in sending a request to a resource that is not able to fulfil it.

Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management accepts data feeds from Citrix ADC about the conditions of the server and data center health. This information is combined with the internet conditions to enable more intelligent decisions to be made to ensure each request is sent to the best place for processing.

Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management has an adaptable configuration tool, which means that traffic steering decisions can be crafted to suit your business needs. Include data from any third-party application and write your own rule set based on your priorities. Whether it’s cost, performance or location, Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management can incorporate different parameters into the decision-making process. The flexible policy engine frees you from restrictive GSLB algorithms and lets you choose how you want your applications delivered.

GSLB as a service is built upon the Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management platform with 90+ points of presence across the globe. This ensures flexibility and availability to answer your customers requests. This scale includes the added benefit of DNS DDoS protection that will ensure your business is always up and running.

With so many PoPs world-wide, your users are never far from a decision. No longer is it necessary to make distant calls to far flung data centers to resolve a GSLB decisions. The ITM PoPs are always up to date with real-time information about the data center health and the conditions on the internet for each user and thus can resolve a site much more quickly. Bringing the decision closer to the user means faster traffic steering and can dramatically reduce the time to first byte to keep users engaged.

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Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management

  • Leverage more than 14 billion real user measurements daily to gain actionable insights.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and engagement by optimizing internet performance.
  • Mitigate outages with real-time data across public clouds.