Provide  global workforces with a modern experience with Citrix Workspace and AWS

Optimize your employee experience with a secure, modern networking and workspace solution powered by Citrix and AWS. Deploy high-performance Citrix Workspace and applications to users around the world. Realize the agility and elasticity of AWS, while maintaining the flexibility to support cloud-native and hybrid cloud deployments as well as monolithic and microservices-based applications with Citrix.

Why Citrix Workspace on AWS

Reduce expenses

Shift from CapEx expenditures to consumption-based OpEx spending, allowing you to scale up or down on-demand to meet business needs, and only paying for what you need. By leveraging features like Citrix autoscale in tandem with your AWS workloads, you can dynamically scale based on schedules or capacity.

Increase agility

With the Citrix cloud platform, organizations can easily add new capacity in AWS alongside all of their other resources from one centralized management plane. Citrix resources can also be paired with varying Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances, optimized to meet any workload’s specific performance needs.

Decrease risks

Preempt security threats with machine-learning insights from Citrix Analytics for Security to quantify the user experience, pinpoint threats, and prevent the loss of intellectual property.

Grow revenues

Rapidly deliver new microservices-based applications that to improve customer experiences, offer new services, and enhance employee productivity.

Having a solution that is agile enough to support remote work and rapid change is going to be a business-critical requirement for all IT departments, and with Citrix on AWS, we have an advantage.  

Ken McNeil
Director IT Infrastructure
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