Digital Workplace Experience
Jun 17 2019

Jun 17 - 19, 2019 | 7:30 AM CST

Chicago, Illinois, United States


Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel

Digital Workplace Experience

This is how the future works.

The future minds the technology gap.

The world’s largest multinational companies all face a similar challenge. They add exciting new digital capabilities to their businesses and then they find then themselves looking at a digital technology divide. There’s a vast gap between powerful technology designed to deliver more, and employees who can’t deliver as much as they’d like because they can’t locate the information they need, or they don’t understand how the new technology works.

This problem has become a C-Suite priority and a sweet spot for Citrix -- human capital, after all, represents more than half of any organization’s overall operating expense. In fact, employee engagement, digital workspaces, and the future of work all impact the bottom line. Citrix Workspace, a unified, secure and intelligent digital workspace, fulfills the C-suite’s need for productive work tools that promote employee engagement. Citrix Workspace guides, automates and organizes workflows. By combining Citrix Workspace with hybrid-multi cloud transformation and cloud-native networking, organizations can empower staff to do their best work. Citrix Workspace can help you turn your disparate technology ecosystems into new digital dimensions. You can take the digital divide and conquer it.

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Intro Keynote
Wednesday, June 19th | 9:15 - 9:30 am

Speaker: Fouad ElNaggar, VP of Product Management
Title: Technology Driven Employee Experiences: Leveraging a Digital Workspace to Boost Productivity and Employee Engagement
Description: Unleashed by new digital business models and new workstyles, work has evolved to take on more digital dimensions. But this has resulted in increasingly complex IT environments. Workers today are frustrated and overwhelmed with multiple apps and technologies they need to get through their day. They want work to be simple and efficient. They want to be able to work on any device from any location. And they want to access information more seamlessly. There is a great opportunity for a reimagined employee experience that harnesses and simplifies technology to drive greater engagement, efficiency and productivity. Hear from Citrix how using a true digital workspace that is unified, secure and intelligent, can help organizations enable people to get work done faster.

Breakout Session
Tuesday, June 18th | 1:45 - 2:45pm

Speaker: Fouad ElNaggar, VP of Product Management
Title: Improving Employee Lifetime Value with Better Workforce Experiences
Description: Engaged and satisfied employees are more effective, happier, choose to remain with a company longer, and deliver better service. But, operationalizing a focus on employee experience requires breaking down functional silos between HR and IT, and new processes, practices, and measurement approaches. In this session, we will explore how companies are empowering employees to be more productive with technology that unifies, simplifies, and optimizes their daily work.

Focus Group
Monday June 17th | 1:00 - 2:00 pm

Speaker: Suzanne Dickson, Sr. Director of Product Marketing
Title: Narrowing the digital divide: replacing low value tasks with high value work
Description: Leveraging digital technology enables organizations to gain competitive advantage. It also creates mind-boggling complexity for employees in the form of such things as multiple logins to various applications, searching through numerous data repositories where information is stored, and more. To get more business value from digital technology, organizations must enable workers to concentrate on high value activities that positively impact the bottom line, as opposed to low value actions that waste time. Join us for an informative focus group to learn how companies like yours are creatively alleviating low value user actions and increasing employee engagement and productivity. Together, we’ll discover the roles IT, HR, business owners and others should play in navigating this challenge. We’ll also explore available technology solutions designed to mitigate the problems that all of this new technology has introduced.

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