Webinars Type Length Event Date
Accelerate your business continuity plan with Citrix + Microsoft Upcoming 1:00 May 26, 2020
Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Master Class Upcoming 1:00 May 27, 2020
LEAD - Learn, Educate, Accelerate, and Discover - with Citrix Education Upcoming 1:00 May 28, 2020
Seguridad a tu elección, y beneficios en entornos de virtualización Citrix Upcoming 1:00 May 28, 2020 Las empresas modernas necesitan una red que pueda seguirle el ritmo a la transformación digital… una que entregue la mejor experiencia de usuario para las aplicaciones, que asegure la innovación y e... Inscribirse
Live Webinar: Plan Your Approach to Business Continuity Upcoming 1:00 May 21 - Jun 3, 2020 Have you managed to keep your business running during this current crisis? Is it performing as originally planned? Are users satisfied with what has been provided? We know IT departments in organi...
Best Practices for securing apps and APIs in an unsafe world Upcoming 1:00 Jun 9, 2020
Citrix Technology in Practice Upcoming 1:00 Jun 10, 2020
Le WebiLunch Upcoming 1:00 Jun 10, 2020 Inscrivez-vous
Citrix SD-WAN Virtual Series Upcoming 1:00 May 27 - Jun 15, 2020 In four episodes, we will be discussing key business challenges such as ensuring employee productivity, business continuity planning and agility, risk mitigation and remaining competitive. The ses...
How to Build for a Remote-First Workforce Upcoming 2:30 Jun 17, 2020
Citrix Cloud Kick Off Upcoming 1:00 Mar 3 - Jun 30, 2020
Citrix User Group Community (CUGC) Events Upcoming -- May 19 - Nov 13, 2020
Citrix Workspace live demo experience Upcoming 1:00 Jan 8 - Dec 17, 2020 Your demo experience, your way. Choose the functional track that interests you and pick a time that works for your schedule.
Helping your remote workers thrive - Insights from Google & Citrix On Demand 1:00 May 19, 2020
EL puesto de trabajo del Futuro: Del teletrabajo al smartworking On Demand 1:00 Apr 30, 2020 La situación de excepción actual nos lleva a replantearnos el futuro del puesto de trabajo, no sólo a nivel tecnológico sino a nivel de impacto en las personas y la cultura empresarial, por ello, 3W... Inscribirse
La sicurezza per il remote working On Demand 1:00 Apr 30, 2020 Trend Micro, leader globale di cybersecurity e Citrix, leader nella realizzazione di workspace digitali, insieme consentono alle aziende di abilitare un remote working sicuro senza interruzioni e ra... Guarda
I vantaggi di Microsoft Windows 10 e Microsoft Teams con Citrix Cloud su Azure On Demand 1:00 Apr 21, 2020 Nel webinar vedremo tutti i vantaggi che Citrix apporta alle soluzioni Microsoft su Azure. Come distribuire workspace basati su Windows 10 e quale approccio seguire Il valore aggiunto dei servizi C... Guarda
Seguridad a tu elección, y beneficios en entornos de virtualización Citrix On Demand 1:00 Apr 16, 2020 ¿Estás moviendo las cargas de trabajo a la nube?¿Tienes una plantilla distribuida que exige la mejor experiencia de usuario? si tu respuesta es sí, la WAN tradicional no te dará lo que necesitas par... Inscribirse
Come trasformare la business continuity in una best practice On Demand 0:30 Apr 16, 2020 Come far sì che la business continuity non sia una risposta "tattica" a una emergenza, ma una practice virtuosa che assicura sempre sicurezza, experience e produttività? Lo spieghiamo in questo we... Guarda
Citrix Workspace Master Class On Demand 1:00 Apr 15, 2020
Microsoft Teams Soars from Great to Amazing with Citrix On Demand 1:00 Apr 13, 2020
Real-World Business Continuity Insights, Considerations and Recommendations On Demand 1:00 Apr 1, 2020
Analytics and visibility to optimize your hybrid cloud application user experience On Demand 1:00 Apr 1, 2020
Uncover The full benefits of Virtual Apps and Desktops Service with public cloud workloads On Demand 1:00 Apr 1, 2020
Lead your office to a modern digital workspace On Demand 1:00 Mar 31, 2020 Lead your office to a modern digital workspace with Citrix Workspace with intelligence. Citrix Workspace has always been the place to get work done. Now, with the addition of the intelligence feat... Watch on demand
27.03.: SD-WAN für Office 365 und Cloud-Anbindung On Demand 1:00 Mar 27, 2020 Bei der Umstellung auf die Cloud werden physische Ressourcen aus Rechenzentren als virtuelle Ressourcen in Public Clouds ausgelagert – und mit ihnen die Unternehmensanwendungen. Entsprechend wird di... Jetzt anmelden
What's new and next with Citrix Endpoint Management On Demand 0:45 Mar 24, 2020 Watch on demand
What’s new and next with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops On Demand 1:00 Mar 18, 2020 Watch on demand
Workforce continuity and the Future of Work On Demand 1:00 Mar 6, 2020
Geek's Guide to Microsoft Teams On Demand 0:30 Feb 19, 2020 Have you ever seen the user experience fail due to not properly optimizing Microsoft Teams in Windows Virtual Desktop? For years, Citrix provided optimization for Skype for Business and now extends ... Watch on-demand
Citrix Workspace: A better, more intelligent way to work On Demand 1:00 Feb 7, 2020 Today, work is more complicated than ever. We rely on a lot on complicated apps, causing us to spend too much time searching for information. What should have been simple tasks, is suddenly time con... Register here!
Citrix Analytics: Insights on data and performance On Demand 1:00 Feb 4, 2020
Citrix & Sofor Webinar: Case Oulun Digi On Demand 1:00 Jan 30, 2020 Tule mukaan webinaariimme, jossa tutustumme mielenkiintoisen casen avulla nykyaikaiseen päätelaitteiden hallintaratkaisuun ja sen tuomiin hyötyihin. Oulun Digi vastaa Oulun kaupungin digitalisointio... Ilmoittaudu mukaan!
Best Practices for deploying Android Enterprise with Citrix Endpoint Management On Demand 0:45 Jan 29, 2020 Watch this Citrix and Google Cloud webinar on best practices for deploying Android Enterprise. Citrix Endpoint Management experts, together with Google, discuss the newest features of Android Ente... Watch on-demand
Transform the employee experience with Microsoft Teams and Citrix On Demand 1:00 Dec 19, 2019 Watch on demand
Ask the Cloud Experts (ACE) On Demand 1:00 Dec 12, 2019 Get your cloud questions ready for the next ACE meetup. Every month, you’ll learn something new about cloud technology. You’ll hear from a different set of Citrix experts, who provide a quick upda...
Citrix Employee Experience Virtual Summit On Demand 5:00 Dec 11, 2019 Register now
Arbeiten 4.0 – Evolution des Citrix Workspace On Demand 1:00 Dec 10, 2019 Um den Arbeitsplatz von morgen zu entwickeln, benötigen Unternehmen innovative Technologien und eine serviceorientierte Bereitstellung. Die IF-Tech AG und Citrix demonstrieren in diesem Webinar live... Jetzt anmelden
What's New and What's Next with Citrix Workspace On Demand 0:45 Nov 14, 2019 Citrix Workspace offers a unified, secure and intelligent experience where users get instant access to all apps, desktops, and files from one easy-to-use interface across all devices. Users now have... Watch on demand
Consulte a los expertos en la nube (CAE) On Demand 1:00 Nov 12, 2019
Hur säkerställer man en bra applikationsleverans i en Hybrid Multi Cloud miljö? On Demand 1:00 Nov 8, 2019 Idag använder företag fler och fler applikationer från olika moln- och Saas-tjänster. Samtidigt kommer många ha kvar delar av sin applikationsleverans on-prem för en lång tid framöver. Hur gör man d... Lyssna på webinaret här
The tie between modern digital workspaces and employee experience On Demand 1:00 Oct 30, 2019 Watch on demand
A 2020 market guide to selecting SD-WAN On Demand 1:00 Oct 24, 2019 Watch on demand
SD-WAN use cases for modern healthcare On Demand 1:00 Oct 3, 2019 Digital transformation is reshaping every part of the healthcare industry, from virtual apps and desktops to EMRs, IoT devices, and telemedicine, but to ensure success, you’ve got to have a network ... View on-demand
Sicherer, auditierbarer Datenaustausch im Gesundheitswesen On Demand 1:00 Sep 26, 2019 Der Austausch sensibler personenbezogener Daten ist für Kliniken und Krankenhäuser heute mit großen Herausforderungen verbunden. Erfahren Sie in diesem Webinar von Citrix und braincon, wie sich die ... Jetzt anmelden
What’s new and next with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops On Demand 1:00 Sep 25, 2019 Watch on demand
The Future of Work and Working with Nancy Giordano On Demand 1:00 Sep 17, 2019 Whether we have more jobs or less is a debate only time will settle, but there is no doubt 100% of jobs will be re-skilled. HOW we work and WHY is currently being recalibrated. Society overall will ... Watch on demand
Citrix Workspace samlar hela kontoret i en enda app! On Demand 1:00 Sep 2, 2019 Arbetsplatsen har blivit mobil. I dag rör sig ett företags anställda, konsulter och partners mellan den yrkesmässiga och privata sfären, samt över nationsgränser. Ständigt ska man kunna nå full flex... Se webcasten här!
Simplify operations, gain insight and enhance troubleshooting of application delivery infrastructure in the hybrid multi cloud world On Demand 1:00 Aug 21, 2019 Watch on-demand
Citrix ITM Master Class On Demand 1:00 Aug 15, 2019 Join us as we take a look at Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management (ITM) technologies and how they can help your business. Citrix ITM delivers visibility into internet conditions and can act upon th... Register now
Citrix Future of Work virtual edition On Demand 5:00 Aug 13, 2019 Ready to take your organization to the next level of agility, innovation, and productivity? You now have the opportunity to view all of the technical sessions presented by leading product experts fr... Watch on-demand
Consolidate your access security strategy with integrated single sign-on, web isolation and web filtering from Citrix On Demand 1:00 Jul 25, 2019 Watch on-demand
The Future Is Here: Deliver a Better Digital Workspace Experience Through Intelligence and Automation On Demand 1:00 Jun 26, 2019 Watch on-demand
Securing the WAN in the enterprise cloud era On Demand 1:00 Jun 18, 2019 Watch on-demand
Transforming Employee Experience with Intelligence On Demand 1:00 Jun 18, 2019
Key considerations for SaaS security and performance On Demand 1:00 May 29, 2019 Watch on-demand
Der sichere digitale Arbeitsplatz mit Citrix SD-WAN On Demand 1:00 May 10, 2019 Der sicherer digitale Arbeitsplatz ist in aller Munde. Analysten und Kunden bestätigen uns immer wieder, dass Unternehmen auf weltweite Flexibilität und maximale Zugriffssicherheit angewiesen sind. ... Jetzt anmelden
Simplifying WIN10 Migration and Accelerating Deployment On Demand 1:00 Apr 30, 2019 View on-demand
Hybrid Cloud ADC for Dev Ops On Demand 1:00 Apr 23, 2019 Watch on-demand
Webinar mit ITCG: Endpoint Management als Mehrwert zu Ihrer bestehenden Citrix-Infrastruktur On Demand 1:00 Apr 11, 2019 Analysten und Anwender bestätigen immer wieder: Arbeitswelten müssen mobiler und flexibler werden, damit Unternehmen in Zukunft ihre Ziele erreichen können. Erfahren Sie im gemeinsamen Webinar von I... Jetzt anmelden
Monitor, analyze and address known and unknown threats with Citrix Analytics On Demand 1:00 Apr 4, 2019 Citrix Analytics, included in Citrix Workspace, pulls together your entire Citrix portfolio to provide visibility into the status and context of each individual user. Join our Citrix Analytics exper... Watch on-demand
Securing the Digital Workspace with Citrix Analytics On Demand -- Mar 28, 2019 In this session, we will review key security use-cases that Citrix Analytics can detect and prevent.Security is an essential ingredient to a Secure Digital Workspace. As such, security must be bak... Register now
On-Prem oder in der Cloud – wo sollten Sie Virtual Apps and Desktops heute betreiben? On Demand 1:00 Mar 22, 2019
What’s New and What’s Next for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops On Demand 1:00 Mar 20, 2019 Citrix continues to innovate our industry-leading Virtual Apps and Desktops platform. Join us to experience the latest updates to see how we are enhancing the user experience, improving environment ... Watch on-demand
ITCG Citrix Blueprint 3.0 On Demand 1:00 Mar 20, 2019
Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops – was ist neu? On Demand 1:00 Mar 15, 2019
WAN-Anbindung mit Citrix und Azure optimieren On Demand 1:00 Mar 14, 2019 Jetzt anmelden
Nordic Webinar Program: Citrix SD-WAN in Microsoft Azure On Demand 1:00 Mar 14, 2019 In this session, we will have a look at the integration and the possibilities between Citrix SD-WAN and Microsoft Azure. We will cover deployment models where Citrix SD-WAN and Microsoft Azure Vir... Register now
Optimization and management of AWS, Azure, Google and private cloud environments On Demand 1:00 Feb 27, 2019 View on-demand
Content Collaboration in Ihrem Citrix Workspace On Demand 1:00 Feb 22, 2019 Die meisten digitalen Workflows setzen auch die gemeinsame Bearbeitung von Dateien voraus. Content Collaboration (früher: ShareFile) ist daher eine Schlüsselkomponente von Citrix Workspace. In diese... Jetzt anmelden
Optimize Workspace Performance for the Modern WAN On Demand 1:00 Feb 14, 2019 View on-demand
SD-WAN from a business perspective On Demand 1:00 Feb 14, 2019 Vi tar vidare vårt koncept för The Inspiration Zone och bjuder in er till en förmiddag med inspiration på Bricks i Lund den 27:e mars. Vi erbjuder er en dag i en avslappnad miljö och ni ges möjlighe... Anmäl dig här!
Nordic Webinar Program: SD-WAN from a business perspective On Demand 1:00 Feb 14, 2019 SD-WAN is changing the way companies are building their Wide Area Network (WAN). In this webinar we will focus on what the key benefits are from a business perspective. Secure and improve your appl... Register Now
WAN-Anbindung mit Citrix und Azure optimieren On Demand 1:00 Feb 8, 2019 Reduzieren Sie Ihre MPLS Kosten und integrieren Sie Citrix SD-WAN und Azure Virtual WAN in Ihre Cloud-Strategie, um eine ausfallsichere, intelligente und schnelle Kommunikation zwischen den Standort... Jetzt anmelden
5 Reasons why a people-centric security strategy safeguards sensitive information and facilitates compliance On Demand 1:00 Jan 30, 2019 Watch on-demand
Preview our new virtualization on-prem and in the cloud course! On Demand 1:00 Jan 22, 2019
Citrix Secure Digital Perimeter On Demand 1:00 Jan 18, 2019 In den komplexen IT-Umgebungen von heute mit einer Vielzahl unterschiedlicher Endgeräte und Hybrid-/Multi-Cloud-Szenarien greifen herkömmliche Sicherheitskonzepte zu kurz. Mit dem Secure Digital Per... Jetzt anmelden
Maintaining visibility and manageability when delivering applications in a hybrid multi-cloud world On Demand 1:00 Jan 17, 2019 Watch on-demand
Hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure for a modern application delivery On Demand -- Dec 13, 2018 On Demand
Networking Preview - Citrix ADM On Demand -- Dec 13, 2018 Register now
Citrix and Google Power a Better Way to Work On Demand -- Dec 4, 2018 Citrix and Chrome Enterprise provide a superior end user experience, enhanced security, and the flexibility of choice in a cloud-first world. Join us to learn how Citrix Workspace and Chrome Enterpr... Register now
Citrix Webinaari: Citrix SD-WAN, mitä löytyy pellin alta? On Demand 1:00 Nov 29, 2018 On Demand
Skalierbares und robustes Videostreaming über Citrix-Umgebungen mit Lösungen von Qumu On Demand 1:00 Nov 16, 2018 Jetzt anmelden
Next steps in digital transformation On Demand 1:00 Nov 15, 2018 Watch on-demand
What's New with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops On Demand 1:00 Nov 7, 2018 Register Now
App & Network Attacks On Demand 1:00 Nov 1, 2018 View on demand
Nordic Webinar Program: Gaining visibility and control with Citrix Application Delivery Management On Demand 1:00 Oct 31, 2018 View on demand
Networking Preview - Deploying Citrix SD-WAN - hosted by Citrix Education! On Demand 1:00 Oct 29, 2018
What's New with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops On Demand 1:00 Oct 26, 2018 Register Now
Take the WAN superhighway to the cloud with SD-WAN On Demand 1:00 Oct 25, 2018 View on demand
What's New with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops On Demand 1:00 Oct 23, 2018 Register Now
Citrix Webinaari: Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops palvelu ja Hybrid käyttö On Demand 1:00 Oct 19, 2018 Ilmoittaudu nyt
Making the shift to unified endpoint management for workforce agility On Demand 1:00 Oct 17, 2018 View on demand
Citrix SD-WAN and Tolly Group: Best practices for performance On Demand 1:00 Oct 10, 2018 View on demand
Miten keskittäminen uudisti suunnittelun toimintatapoja Valmetilla On Demand 1:00 Sep 27, 2018 ILMOITTAUDU WEBINAARIIN
Accelerating Productivity without Compromise through Immersive Digital Workspaces On Demand 1:00 Sep 27, 2018
What's New with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops On Demand 1:00 Sep 26, 2018 View on demand
Nordic Webinar Program: What's new in Citrix Cloud services On Demand 1:00 Sep 6, 2018 Listen to a summary of the latest and greatest Citrix Cloud services along with the most influential new features of the platform that help to streamline the secure delivery of apps, desktops, data ... Register Now
Nordic Webinar Program: Your Citrix Workspace App journey begins On Demand 1:00 Aug 29, 2018 One integral part of delivering a comprehensive, fully integrated workspace experience is the Citrix Workspace app. As showcased at Citrix Synergy, Citrix Workspace app is the gateway to unlocking t... View recording
Scared of data security in SaaS applications? Don’t worry, we have your back On Demand 1:00 Aug 23, 2018 View on demand
The ONE complete digital workspace is here. All apps and data - unified and secure. On Demand -- Aug 16, 2018 Just a few short months ago, Citrix announced the unveiling of the industry’s first digital workspace to enable people-centric computing within organizations. Join us for this webinar and learn how ... View on demand
Nonpremises Branch Office - die Basis für eine neue Business-Strategie On Demand 0:45 Aug 14, 2018 In diesem Webinar von BIN-Control zeigt Ihnen Cloud Consultant Stephan Henseler, wie Sie ein „Nonpremises“ Branch Office Wirklichkeit werden lassen. Microsoft Azure, Citrix und Sophos bilden dabei d... Jetzt anmelden
Network reliability for your WAN and beyond On Demand -- Jul 12, 2018 A reliable network is crucial to the delivery of applications. Digital transformation is driving enterprise IT to re-evaluate their application delivery capabilities to ensure that the business cont... View on demand
Nonpremises Branch Office - die Basis für eine neue Business-Strategie On Demand 0:45 Jul 11, 2018 In diesem Webinar von BIN-Control zeigt Ihnen Cloud Consultant Stephan Henseler, wie Sie ein „Nonpremises“ Branch Office Wirklichkeit werden lassen. Microsoft Azure, Citrix und Sophos bilden dabei d... Jetzt anmelden
Windows 10 & Office 365 Migration and Optimization Strategies On Demand -- Jun 26, 2018 With the shift to the Cloud, more companies are moving to Office 365 and Windows 10. Before you make your move, you’ll want to attend this webinar to learn how Citrix Workspace can help you manage t... Register now
Network considerations for hybrid cloud On Demand -- Jun 21, 2018 Moving to a hybrid-cloud strategy offers many benefits like flexibility and agility but can also bring challenges to securing your network and infrastructure as the traditional data center perimeter... Watch on demand
Three reasons to choose Citrix Workspace over VMware Workspace ONE On Demand -- Jun 7, 2018 With more IT resources moving to the cloud and a greater mobile workforce, you need to deliver a secure digital perimeter with a framework that enables greater user productivity, security, and IT ma... View on demand
Search and destroy hard to detect security risks On Demand -- Jun 5, 2018 Like a trojan horse, they’re already inside your fortress wall. Weak or compromised credentials allow bad actors to pose as internal users exacerbating the problem. Far and away compromised credenti... Watch on demand
Evolving security strategies: It’s time for a people-centric approach On Demand 1:00 May 30, 2018 Attackers aren’t storming the walls of your DMZ or planning a full-scale assault on your firewall. They’re stealing information by targeting your employees and sneaking in under the radar. How do yo... View on demand
Prepare for the future of work with a secure digital workspace On Demand -- May 24, 2018 If you are like most IT pros, you have to provide your workforce with the tools they need to be mobile and productive, but you face challenges with security and complexity. At the same time, organiz... View on demand

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