Citrix Files for Mac

Release Date: Apr 30, 2019

Citrix Files for Mac allows users with a ShareFile license to interact with all their files directly from the Finder. Files do not need to be synced locally. Quick access to sharing, requesting, and other file options are available through the right click menu.

For Documentation and System Requirements for Citrix Files for Mac, please see:

Included in Citrix Files for Mac v19.4
When upgrading your version of Citrix Files for Mac, the app maintains its cache of the account’s local file structure and cached files. Offline Beta users do not need to resync files and folders previously marked as offline. Addtionally, Citrix Files for Mac no longer opens a new Finder window at launch. The app instead displays a system notification when it is ready for use. Clicking the notification opens the Citrix Files folder in Finder.

For more information about new features for Citrix Files for Mac, please see: Citrix Files for Mac product documentation

Citrix Files for Mac v19.4

Apr 30, 2019
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