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Employees can lose a lot of time and patience if their work experience is bogged down with searching through multiple systems to find tasks and information. Today’s workforce needs an intelligent digital workspace to bring organization to the chaos and give employees one actionable view into all systems. An intelligent workspace detects changes that matter and streamlines complex processes into single-purpose workflows. Important information and tasks can be pushed to any location. With an intelligent workspace solution, people get a great experience, and valuable corporate data never leaves IT control.

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Citrix Workspace provides users with a single point of entry—a familiar consistent interface regardless of device type. Users can access everything on their workspaces, from native SaaS apps to web, mobile, virtual apps, and even from desktops to distributed file stores. A unified app store gives you the capability to automatically provision all app types to any number of device form factors.

Citrix technology helps you maintain control of the environment in other ways, too. Secure integrated identity and access control authenticates users and provides the convenience of single sign-on—and provides IT with app launch intelligence. Citrix networking technology ensures that users get the application performance they demand, regardless of their physical locations or the places from which their applications are hosted.

Citrix Workspace features microapps designed to help your users work smarter and reach outcomes faster. They bring together information and tasks from various systems and automate workflows. Unnecessary logins, clicks and swipes are eliminated so that people can complete routine tasks faster. Personalized and prioritized notifications and proactive intelligent business feeds seamlessly provide important actionable information.

The microapp page builder enables you to create customized workflows in minutes. Deliver personal to-do lists and one-click tasks to employees to help them simplify their work. If out-of-the-box is more your style, Citrix Workspace offers microapps designed in collaboration with popular SaaS providers.

Citrix Workspace enables you to manage disparate IT silos on one unified console. From that single pane of glass, you can manage workspace services, reduce redundant work, and streamline IT operations. You can also proactively assess internal threats. Citrix Workspace with Citrix Analytics provides user behavior analytics. User risk levels are assessed and scored, making risk easy to identify and mitigate. The combination of performance analytics and root cause analysis helps you optimize resources so you can deliver a great user experience.  

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Citrix Workspace

  • Provides employees a single, actionable view into all of their systems.
  • Breaks down complex SaaS applications into single-purpose streamlined workflows.
  • Automates work by pushing important information and tasks to any device, intranet or messenger.

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