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Unique integrations to the workplace can offer optimal user experience

Purchasing point solutions separately can be costly and provide a disjointed experience for your end users as these solutions are not integrated or optimized for user experience. Delivering a unified endpoint management solution as part of your workspace, enables IT to enhance security of the services within their environment, without hindering the user experience. Productivity – no matter where you choose to work – isn’t interrupted and security isn’t compromised. 

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As security attacks get smarter, IT needs to find a way to detect and prevent potential threats faster. As part of our broader Citrix Workspace solution, Citrix Endpoint Management provides critical information to Citrix Analytics such as device compliance which can be correlated with other security data points collected from the workspace. The ability to aggregate security information across the entire workspace allows IT to more proactively detect anomalies and prevent security threats.

When Citrix Endpoint Management and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop are integrated, IT can protect and provide secure access to virtual apps and desktops on mobile devices. Before a virtual app launches on a mobile device, the workspace app checks that the managed device is compliant. If the device is compliant the app will launch, maintaining secure access the entire time.

Accessing and sharing large files can be a challenge for mobile workers. A simple task like sending a file to a colleague or customer can be difficult on the road, especially when there is poor connectivity. With Citrix Endpoint Management and Citrix Content Collaboration, users can quickly share attachments as an automatically generated URL, instead of a large attachment. This integration also enables IT to set additional policies to the Citrix Files app to ensure that no other app has access to these files outside the secure container.

Today’s mobile workers access their apps across multiple devices and networks, leaving them vulnerable to mobile malware, malicious apps or ransomware threats. IT must find a balance between easy access to apps and securing logins to protect corporate data. Integrating Citrix Endpoint Management with Citrix Gateway strengthens the overall security of the Citrix Workspace. Extending multi-factor authentication and single sign-on to all apps on mobile devices, provides simple, yet secure access to corporate data.

Citrix product

Citrix Endpoint Management

  • Collects security information across the entire workspace to detect anomalies and prevent security threats
  • Is a critical component of Citrix workspace solutions, allowing users to securely access the apps and data they need throughout the redesigned workplace.
  • Provides an optimized application experience for users on any mobile device.