Bank "TRUST" introduces a single system of virtual desktops

Bank "TRUST" is one of the largest banks in Russia, it provides a full range of services for private clients, comprehensive services to corporate clients and small and medium businesses. The bank has one of the largest regional networks: 170 cities in 60 regions of Russia, the customer service is carried out in 278 offices from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

In 2011, the Trust was in the top 10 largest consumer banks in the country (according to RBC Rating).

The introduction of VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) with the Citrix XenDesktop solutions made it possible to create different formats of a universal mechanism of service points in order to unify the IT infrastructure of the “Trust” bank network of branches across Russia.

Project Background 

Over the years the "Trust" bank has gone through several phases using different methods and tools for the development of the IT infrastructure according to business objectives. The system of business process management has long been decentralized, making it difficult to coordinate services of the data center, located in Moscow. Therefore, it was necessary to unify the work of the IT infrastructure of the branch network across Russia.

Formulation of the problem 

The introduction of a unified IT environment was designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • The ability to centrally support and control remote desktops;
  • Automate the process of upgrades across the country;
  • Reduce malicious traffic on the corporate network;
  • Flexible configuration of desktops for points of presence in various formats;
  • Expand outsourcing;
  • Bring all jobs to the common standards;
  • Reduced infrastructure costs.

Selecting Solutions

As an optimal solution "Trust" bank chose the introduction of VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) to centralize desktops on the server facilities in Moscow, using Citrix XenDesktop. Trust was one of the first in the banking sector to widely apply technology to deliver applications on Citrix XenApp. All banking application provided by Citrix software. In this way it managed to get rid of the need for the introduction of the global management system in more decentralized environment.

Description of the solution

VDI technology is based on the transfer of actual computational procedures to the central server, while a desktop system acts as the client. Since all of the software runs on the server, the update process and support can be carried out centrally. A key role is played by a bunch of "servers - hypervisor", which combines the possibility of separation of access to desktops and perform at the same time a large number of user sessions. The user workspace is equipped with a specially configured computer or "thin" client gets a desktop from the data center with all the settings up to the location of icons on it. The singularity of the whole system is that applications are configured and distributed centrally, resulting in a single infrastructure view.


The introduction of VDI occurred in two phases:

1. Pilot tests

The first stage was in the pilot launch of the system. IT professionals gradually converted 11 points of presence and received feedback from users, evaluating the usability and stability of the infrastructure.

2. Full implementation

The migration was carried out as follows: a plan of transfer to the new technology, 20-30 workstations per week. Then the data from local servers and workstations are optimized, filtered and transferred to a centralized file storage. After that directly comes migration jobs. Jobs reconfigure a new way of working, and users get the same desktop (all applications), but "from Moscow." In this application, which previously granted to users on their physical PC using Terminal Server Citrix XenApp, were easily and simply delivered as safe and convenient as possible inside the virtual machines. This approach helped to fully separate the operating system from the virtual machine used in the bank application.

3. Securing remote access

To ensure secure remote access, as well as build a highly available virtual desktop infrastructure, the bank has chosen Citrix NetScaler. For this purpose it purchased: a cluster consisting of two 9500 Citrix NetScaler MPX (for the organization of high availability solutions for the main groups of users), as well as a virtual appliance Citrix NetScaler VPX (for a small, individual group members). All this helped to build a system for secure access and organize the balancing services Citrix XenDesktop.


The project is carried out in-house without outsourcing, so it is of value for the IT employees of the Bank. The pace of development of the banking sector dictates the transition to a fundamentally new format of working with clients, and changing segment of the market itself. IT professionals of the Bank managed to create a universal mechanism of service points in a variety of formats.

For users:

Independent from the local hardware access to all the necessary software and the most important data on the basis of a uniform interface.

For the IT department:

With desktop virtualization technologies and applications of Citrix XenDesktop, the IT department built a system using insulated layers. With this approach, changes in one layer, for example, the operating system does not influence the other, which reduces the maintenance costs of the whole complex.

This division has reduced the requirements for the server infrastructure and storage infrastructure, has allowed the use of a smaller number of virtual machines and execution of applications on the terminal servers, where there is a higher density of users on one server.

Reduce the cost of administration of applications and related jobs including the ability to carry out work with the software and install the updates directly on the level of the whole bank. IT professionals were able to service any machine at any branch in view of the absolute identity of virtual workspaces.

The banking sector is very important for us. We are pleased that an increasing number of banks give preference to our solutions. The joint project with the bank "Trust" features a vast geographical scale and minimal use of resources, despite the fact that its implementation has been fully carried out by the client. The banking sector is undergoing significant changes. The transition to the new format of service require appropriate solutions. These solutions should facilitate the work of employees of the bank and not to request additional resources: money, time or labor. Citrix solutions enable you to create universal mechanisms of remote points of service, optimize and centralize the management of business processes.
- Sergei Pozdnyakov

Country Director for Russia and CIS countries


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Implementing Citrix XenDesktop allowed us to unify the management of desktops of regional users, creating a universal service mechanism extensive branch network. With Citrix NetScaler solutions we have provided security and built a highly available virtual desktop infrastructure.
- Vladimir Trojanowski

Director of Information Systems Support

Trust Bank


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