The Catalan Institute of Chemical Research

Instituto Catalán de Investigación Química (ICIQ)

The Catalan Institute of Chemical Research (ICIQ),, is a center of international reference in the field of chemical research. The ICIQ research groups focus their work on two main research areas: Catalysis (more efficient and environmentally sustainable chemical processes) and renewable energy (photovoltaic devices and conversion of CO2 into liquid fuels and raw materials for industry). ICIQ’s ultimate goal is to contribute to chemical research to solve the major challenges that our society must face in the field of energy, health and environment. This not only contributes to the creation of a knowledge-based economy but contributes ultimately to improve the quality of life of citizens.

The ICIQ also plays an active role in transferring knowledge generated in high school chemistry, pharmaceutical industry and energy technologies to educate the next generation of scientists, providing excellent training to PhD students and postdoctoral researchers; Chemical and bring to society through science programs.

The Challenge

ICIQ teams usually have their own computing resources (workstations, scientific applications, digital support matrices, etc.) and it is absolutely necessary that they continue to use them in their daily work. As well as this, ICIQ has applications and resources that research groups should be able to access at any time from any location.

The challenge for the IT Manager of ICIQ, Mario Endara, was to seek, to find and implement a dynamic solution,that enables the coexistence of the local environment for the research teams with the corporate ICIQ environment.

The Solution

Within the set of solutions on the market, Citrix XenDekstop 7.6 is the only product that allowed the IT department to flexibly manage the type and mode of access to end users. Mario Endara now has the ability to virtualize applications/desktops with off-line benefits of VDI strategy combined on a single platform. This was the difference that tipped the balance in favor of Citrix.

Key Benefits

The most immediate benefit to the customer was being able to respond quickly and effectively to the demands of research groups. According to Mario Endara: "With a new addition to the scientists or the group as a whole, the response time to service requests is now virtually immediately." From the moment the platform was implemented, it was no longer important which devices users brought or how long in advance IT managers were warned of incorporation.

Also, information designated as confidential or restricted use (as is the case with cutting-edge research and in any case related to ICIQ), are preserved inside the corporate network.

Looking Ahead

Citrix is here to stay. The XenDesktop platform is serving and responding to corporate needs and is a major asset to the planned growth of ICIQ over the next three years.

About Citrix

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With a new addition to the scientists or the group as a whole, the response time to service requests is now virtually immediately.
- Mario Endara

The Catalan Institute of Chemical Research


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Key Benefits

  • Flexible access to corporate applications from a broad range of client devices
  • Access to training resources for all ICIQ research groups worldwide

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