Teleperformance embraces cloud services to enhance productivity and reduce overall energy consumption

Teleperformance is a world-wide leader in customer experience management and provider of contact centres to blue chip companies, serving customers across the private and public sectors. Its services help leading companies extend their brand and offer exceptional service through dedicated customer support and helpdesk facilities. Teleperformance has over 7,000 people in 18 contact centres across the UK and South Africa, and these employees are essential in helping blue chip customers provide vital additional technical support and customer services across communication channels.  

The Challenge: Increasing IT efficiency

Because of rapid growth in the UK, Teleperformance needed to provide additional capacity whilst maintaining its level of customer service excellence. Unfortunately, the local utility provider was not able to deliver the required power supplies to meet Teleperformance’s growing workload or its project schedule. To avoid possible expansion delays, Teleperformance began to look at virtual computing environments to support agents as an alternative to traditional distributed computing systems with end-user PCs.

James Timms, IT Director at Teleperformance, comments: “Since the required power could not be made available, we flipped the question on its head and asked if we could provide an IT set-up that met our performance needs, while reducing the contact centre’s overall energy use. We already had experience using virtual computing platforms, so we didn’t need any convincing of their capabilities.”

The Solution: Implementing a Citrix XenDesktop environment

The company developed a proof of concept (POC) for a cloud services platform based on Citrix® XenDesktop® infrastructure, supported by Citrix ReceiverTM. The POC sought to decouple data and applications from PCs and deliver them via a virtual desktop infrastructure to thin clients.

Working with its systems integrator, BT Engage IT, Teleperformance implemented XenDesktop along with thin clients from Wyse, enabling the Teleperformance IT team to provision virtual desktops for its agents much more quickly and flexibly. Together with Citrix Receiver, XenDesktop delivers virtual desktops and applications to agents securely.

Key Benefit

Dramatic cost reduction, positive environmental impact

The new XenDesktop cloud services environment provides Teleperformance with enhanced application performance for more efficient working and reduced energy usage. The IT team cut maintenance costs by a third, gave employees a quieter work environment and improved business continuity capabilities. Originally, the company estimated a return on investment of around 30 months, but Citrix technologies helped deliver this within 18 months.

“The initial pilot of XenDesktop delivered a clear business case for Teleperformance to expand its cloud services environment,” continues Timms.  “The advantages comprised both tangible benefits such as reduced energy usage, and intangible ones including faster and more flexible provisioning of desktops delivered by a lower bandwidth.”

Agents are able to work more productively with all their key business applications, such as the Microsoft® Office suite and Internet Explorer®, delivered to their workstations with complete reliability. Citrix technologies also allow employees to handle more calls, logging on and off quickly, while resolving customer queries more effectively. Staff are now able to complete 15% more calls per day.

The Citrix platform enables the Teleperformance IT team to centralise application delivery and provision desktops more quickly, reducing the resources it previously devoted to software updates and software patching. The virtualised desktops also simplify training of new recruits because specific applications can be provisioned in dedicated training rooms for their needs.

Even though Teleperformance has set up new datacentre operations, implementing virtual computing through Citrix technologies reduces overall energy costs. The new platform’s flexible provisioning also allows IT managers to turn off computers left on overnight by staff– further contributing to energy efficiency. The programme helps the company meet its Carbon Reduction Commitment  target of reducing energy consumption by three to four percent  annually, improving its brand reputation with customers, many of whom have corporate social responsibility  or green policies in place.

The Citrix solution helps enhance agents’ work environment as the terminals are now cooler and quieter. “Our agents prefer these machines as there is less noise while on calls,” said Timms. “This has been one of the key benefits of virtual computing, providing a better workplace for our employees.”

Implementing Citrix XenDesktop also improves Teleperformance’s business continuity capabilities. Should there be a power outage, the organisation can very quickly redirect the virtual machines to other servers on other floors as needed, reducing downtime and lost productivity and overall disaster-recovery management costs.  

Teleperformance was awarded the Best Use of Technology at the Orange Awards, which recognises Scottish companies from both the public and private sector for excellence in business and technology.

Future Plans: Strengthen entire desktop estate

Because of the significant performance and energy saving benefits, the company plans to provision more virtual desktops across their UK sites in the next year. Teleperformance also plans to use Citrix cloud services to strengthen more of its datacentre infrastructure over in the near term.

Timms concludes: “XenDesktop has been a resounding success. We’re looking forward to provisioning more virtualised desktops at Teleperformance. The benefits we are achieving go far beyond cost savings and have allowed us to deliver more effective and higher quality services to our customers.”

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XenDesktop has been a resounding success. The benefits we are achieving go far beyond cost savings and allow us to deliver more effective and higher quality services to our customers.
- James Timms

IT director


Key Benefits

  • Enhances productivity and more pleasant work environment
  • Decreases IT resources needed for system maintenance
  • Improves business continuity capabilities
  • Reduces overall energy usage
  • Secure application delivery for different teams

Applications Delivered

  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Internet Explorer