IDS virtualizes customer engagements with Citrix solutions

Based in Bethesda, Maryland, IDS is an independent software vendor that develops and implements solutions for the accounting and finance functions of small and mid-size customers. Its PN3 solutions link to systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, enabling organizations to rapidly implement electronic purchase and payment authorization workflows. Customers, located nationwide, can choose between hosted and on-premise installation and subscription. The company employs about 20 people, including 10 software developers.

The Challenge

IDS, Developer of PN3 Solutions, is an agile organization that leverages technologies such as cloud services to control costs and optimize staff productivity. To facilitate internal collaboration and external marketing and sales functions without costly travel, the company needed effective web-based tools. Also, because professional services, training and technical assistance are included with licensing, the organization needed solutions for remote software implementation and support, particularly as its customer base grew rapidly.

The Solution

Citrix tools are used throughout the customer engagement process, starting with weekly marketing webinars delivered with GoToWebinar. All interested prospects receive a demo presented with GoToMeeting, which is also used for remote software implementation. ShareFile contributes to installations by storing code and documentation. GoToTraining is used for customer training and GoToAssist Remote Support allows dedicated representatives to provide assistance. Internally, GoToMeeting enables dispersed teams, such as software developers, to collaborate efficiently.

Key Benefits

  • Citrix solutions enable the company to achieve aggressive growth goals without increasing costs and staff.
  • GoToMeeting enables the professional services team to remotely implement customized solutions, helping to keep costs down.
  • Marketing events using GoToWebinar are a major source of qualified leads.
  • ShareFile provides easy, mobile access to the code, documentation and solutions briefs associated with each customized implementation.
  • Unlike Dropbox, ShareFile provides professional capabilities and security so proprietary information can be centrally stored and shared, rather than held by the chief developer.
  • Selection of a single vendor for multiple products streamlines business processes.

About Citrix

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We wouldn’t be able to run an agile business, particularly with our rapid growth trajectory, without Citrix solutions.
- Derrick Hicks




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