Apply Capnor Poland uses Citrix technology to work on advanced 3D projects

At the beginning of 2013. The Polish branch of Apply Capnor had an internal reorganization. One of its main objectives was to adapt the company's current IT infrastructure to support their projects, and to prepare it for the organization's future plans. "We were looking for solutions that allow us to work on very large image files that require high computing power," says Tomasz Pyko, IT Manager Apply Capnor Poland. "We also wanted the ability to easily upload them and share with other colleagues. A comparative analysis of available solutions on the market showed that Citrix met all of our needs."

When modernizing its computer infrastructure, Apply Capnor decided to use several solutions offered by Citrix, including Citrix XenDesktop ,Citrix XenMobile, Citrix ShareFile and Citrix NetScaler virtual appliance Gateway VPX.

Flexibility in price

Citrix's flexibility was one of the key reasons that Apply Capnor chose them. Particular value was the FlexCast technology, which is the basis for XenDesktop solutions - it offers several scenarios for delivering a variety of virtual desktops patterns tailored to the individual needs of particular employees. Additionally, Apply Capnor could not find another solution that had the extensive functionality of Citrix ShareFile on the market.

The company uses about 600 active ShareFile client accounts, within which they store and share data (advanced graphic files, etc.) With a total size of approx. 2TB. Virtualization underwent about 15 different kinds of professional graphics applications such as CAD, Microstation, PDMS etc. and ERP system. In terms of virtualized and software application environment itself is very diverse. Engineers at Apply Capnor work on individual projects, use a different set of applications and have different versions of the applications. So the FlexCast technology that the designers are working on has 50 versions of virtual graphics applications.

Virtual Graphics every day

The biggest benefit of the Citrix solution is the simplification of the management of the IT environments and applications. Virtualization allows them to centrally store and update. Any amendments and installations of new versions of applications are done in the data center and don't have to be done on each individual computer. This increases the security of the IT resources and has led to significant timesavings for the administrators.

All applications are installed on two virtual application servers. When one of them fails, the Apply Capnor employees work with applications hosted on another server. This IT architecture leads to great business continuity and efficiency and employees don't notice the difference

Apply2B, which look to the future

Apply Capnor's investments in IT infrastructure was not only for the present, but also with its plans for the future. As part of a separate business model, the company has decided to provide outsourcing of IT services to external customers. For this purpose, a separate brand Apply2B was created, acting within the whole group Apply Capnor. For this purpose, the staff at Apply Capnor Poland built a completely new IT infrastructure, highly scalable, providing the function of disaster recovery and divided into clusters which will be kept completely separate from. The new project involves the use of previously purchased licenses of XenDesktop Platinum and Citrix XenMobile.

First of all IT services will be directed to foreign entities with oil and gas sector, with particular emphasis on the Norwegian market. For them Apply2B wants virtualization delivered by FlexCast technology packages as virtualized applications are required for daily work, including professional graphics applications. This new brand is a perfect example of remote work, since all the applications and resources will be hosted in a data center in Krakow, and used by customers from abroad.

The new brand wanted to build good relations with its customers, who know and believe it to be a reliable business partner, and suitably qualified to provide these services and provide appropriate support. By the end of this year, 220 new users will be using the IT services.

Apply2B hasn't forgotten about mobile workers. For customers whose employees are planning to use mobile devices, the company purchased Citrix XenMobile MDM. It intends to provide services sharing its IT resources (ie. Packets containing placed in a special "container" secure e-mail and other business applications) within a separately designed security protocol. These kinds of services will have higher levels of data protection and the same equipment.

The company without PCs

Currently Apply Capnor uses almost 90%of the Citrix portfolio. The company also plans to purchase the full version of Citrix NetScaler (now uses a virtual Citrix NetScaler VPX Gateway to secure and optimize network traffic). Citrix NetScaler is to be primarily used for the provision of outsourcing services for the project Apply2B. Apply Capnor professionals depend mainly on the NetScaler platform functions such as disaster recovery, high availability, and global load balancing.

Apply Capnor Poland believe that by the end of 2014 it will stop buying new PCs. It also plans to purchase new licenses of Citrix ShareFile and Citrix XenDesktop. It is assumed that by the end of 2015 they will have over 1,000 users.

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We were looking for solutions that allow us to work on very large image files that require high computing power. We also wanted the ability to easily upload them and share with other colleagues. A comparative analysis of available solutions on the market showed that Citrix met all of our needs.
- Tomasz Pyko

IT Manager

Apply Capnor Poland


Key Benefits

  • The creation of job opportunities for graphic files requiring high computing power
  • To facilitate the transfer and share files with other users
  • Simplifying the management of IT environments and applications
  • Significant savings in disk arrays space
  • Ensuring high availability of applications
  • Facilitating the development of a virtual environment in the future and equipment workers at terminal stations

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