Future of Work

How you unlock innovation anywhere

Citrix Digital Workspaces are how organizations boost productivity, engage consumers, and empower their people. With a flexible and secure platform, organizations can connect, collaborate, and innovate anywhere—on any application, any device, any cloud, at any time.

This is how the future works.

Accelerate Productivity

How can efficiency become simple?

Work becomes more personal

A new generation of workers expects more meaning and autonomy from work. They crave technology that’s powerful, intuitive, and anticipates their needs. Their expectations of work, devices, apps, and security change and businesses must adapt to meet those changing expectations.

New devices and tools are adopted

As new devices and cloud-based services become available, businesses need a technology-agnostic approach to integrate, manage, and secure every new device and service—even those that don’t exist yet.

Enabling work for any user from any device

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The productivity gap closes

Technology promises to make us more productive, and yet, the rate of productivity has actually declined—in part, because the complexity of implementing technology drags productivity down.

Context-aware Security

Keeping business secure

A software-defined perimeter for work with no walls

As work becomes independent of place, the transition to digital business presents challenges for securing infrastructure, devices, and data. Designing and deploying an intelligent, software-defined perimeter means you can secure your organization’s infrastructure, empower your customers and employees, and grant IT flexible control.

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Balancing security and flexibility—at scale

Current security approaches leave gaps in IT control and disappoint users who seek real flexibility and secure choices. The key to achieving the right balance lies in contextual awareness—the ability to tailor security to each workspace.

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Securing the Internet of Things

The proliferation of new devices, each generating volumes of data that need to be stored, managed, analyzed, and secured, requires a technology-agnostic approach to unifying security.

Evolving options for securing IoT in the enterprise

Powered by Cloud

Agile operating models, orchestrated in the cloud

Innovation on demand

Cloud technology drives new business models and changes how we see the future of work. We can now seamlessly shift devices and locations without interrupting workflow. We can store, manage, and act on volumes of data from IoT devices while scaling to meet sudden shifts in customer demand, competition, and business models.

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Containing cloud sprawl

Moving to the cloud changes the game. But managing the sprawl of private, public, hybrid, and multi-cloud with a diversity of vendors, services, and standards can weigh business down. The future of work requires aggregating, orchestrating, and securing all these cloud services into an integrated, secure digital workspace.

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Digital workspaces make the future of work possible

Realizing the full benefits of cloud while avoiding complexity and security challenges requires a unified, contextual, and secure digital workspace. IT and users co-create a software-defined perimeter that protects the business, data, and infrastructure. Digital workspaces secure and integrate technologies, platforms, devices, and clouds, ensuring that organizations can operationalize the future of work and drive business forward.

Digital workspaces provide a single pane of glass through which IT can configure, monitor, and manage your entire technology infrastructure.

  • Agility and efficiency: easier to deploy, faster to innovate, and more flexible
  • Technology agnostic approach: digitize and accelerate the future of work

Digital workspaces use machine learning to adapt to each worker’s patterns and exceptions so they can get work done securely, wherever they are. 

  • Personalized experiences: anticipate and deliver what people need to be productive, tailored to context
  • Situational awareness: ensure reliability and performance regardless of the network connection, location, or device

A software-defined perimeter grants safe access and full visibility across the network and user ecosystem.

  • IT Framework: deliver contextual performance with predictive analytics to decrease risk
  • Evolving threats: secure devices and integrate security solutions with machine learning and artificial intelligence

Citrix is building the workspace of the future

Citrix is engineering the most comprehensive, integrated digital workspace to help customers transform how they work.

What can you do with the latest digital workspace technology?