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Citrix Workspace app 1903.1 for Mac

Release Date: Apr 8, 2019

Compatible with:

Mac OS 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, 10.14

(113.1 MB - .dmg)

Version: (1903.1)

SHA256 - 2d9efe0abf84ff5a33d42abf1b7a0c1a04df49b2598b29f63f51e8361dd14e4b

Please review the product documentation for the complete list of features.

High performance web and self-services access to virtual apps and desktops. Configure for anywhere access from your desktop or web access with Safari, Chrome or Firefox.

Available Languages
English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese and Simplified Chinese

Ask your help desk for set-up instructions.

Citrix Workspace app 1903.1 for Mac

Apr 8, 2019
113.1 MB - (.dmg) Download File

Version: (1903.1)

  • SHA-256 - 2d9efe0abf84ff5a33d42abf1b7a0c1a04df49b2598b29f63f51e8361dd14e4b