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Citrix Workspace app for Windows LTSR 2203.1 CU3 Technology Preview

Release Date: Mar 17, 2023

Early Access Release


·        This early access release is provided for evaluation and test purposes only. Do not deploy this release in a production environment.

·        Citrix does not represent that all fixes in this early access release will be included in the upcoming general availability release.

·        The documentation of the issues fixed in this early access release is provided as is. Parts of the documentation have not yet been verified.


What’s new

Issues fixed in this release

Client Device Issues

·         If the Generic USB RemoveOnLock policy value contains upper-case letters, the policy might fail to disconnect the USB device (for example, Signature pads) in a locked client. [CVADHELP-21492]

HDX Realtime

·         When a Microsoft Outlook reminder appears during a Microsoft Teams call, a black square is displayed on the shared screen of Microsoft Teams. [CVADHELP-19222]

Installing, Uninstalling, Upgrading

·        The Local App access feature might fail to work for user devices installed with the Italian language operating system. [CVADHELP-21986]

·        Attempts to install Citrix Workspace app might fail on Windows Server 2012 R2. For more information, see Knowledge Center article CTX477888. [CVADHELP-22116]


·         When you press and hold the PrtSc key, the server-side published application might receive VK_SNAPSHOT WM_KEYUP events (screen snapshots taken) continuously. [CVADHELP-21209]


·         With the Selfservicemode set to false, the stores added might not be refreshed correctly after opening Citrix workspace app. As a result, the authentication window fails to appear. [CVADHELP-20593]

·         The inactivity timeout value might not expire if you exit from the Citrix Workspace app before reaching the set time out value. As a result, you might later be able to start Citrix Workspace app without entering any credentials. [CVADHELP-20912]

·         Attempts to enumerate applications using the storebrowse command might fail if the Citrix Gateway URL used is .\storebrowse.exe -U {Username} -P {Password} -D {Domain} -M 0x2000 -E {NSG_URL} [CVADHELP-21910]

Seamless Windows

·         In a seamless session, the mouse and keyboard of the user device might freeze intermittently, if the application disables and then enables its window in that sequence. [CVADHELP-21031]

·         When you use the Windows Aero snap feature to move a maximized window from one monitor to a larger monitor running Windows 11, the session might disappear. [CVADHELP-21173]

·         When you open a published app in seamless mode, other local or seamless apps might appear in the foreground and cover the published app. [CVADHELP-20742, CVADHELP-21277]

·         A published application might open in a non-visible state when you start the application. [CVADHELP-21618]


·         COM port redirection might be blocked during session roaming.  [CVADHELP-20959]

·         With the Use relative mouse setting enabled in a user session, the left click might not work on the trackpad. [CVADHELP-21223]

·         In an isolated environment, Citrix Workspace app might attempt to connect to the Global App Config server even if the Global App Config Service policy is disabled through GPO. This causes a delay while adding an account. [CVADHELP-21319]

·         Citrix Analytics is unable to receive network related metrics from end users. This issue occurs even when these prerequisites are met:

.      App or desktop sessions are in running state for more than 15 minutes using Citrix Workspace app.

.      Store or account used is CAS enabled.

Note: Network related CAS events are not sent for browser-based launch of apps or desktops. It is sent only when you open the app or desktop via the web and from the same store that is added via the native Citrix Workspace app. [CVADHELP-21448]

·         Sometimes the published apps running on a published desktop might fail to start and Citrix Workspace app becomes unresponsive. [CVADHELP-21604]    

·         Attempts to access Citrix Workspace app for Windows might fail when the VPN disconnects or reconnects. [CVADHELP-21662]    

·         The Windocker.exe process might incorrectly generate outbound network requests to multiple IP addresses.  [CVADHELP-21728]

·         Using Auto Client reconnect might delay connecting to a session. [CVADHELP-21738]

·         When you attempt to configure multiple stores through a Group Policy Object (GPO) or command line, one of the stores might not be fully configured. [CVADHELP-22034]         

·         Citrix Analytics file download events such as filename and file path attributes might be empty. [CVADHELP-22194]

System Exceptions

·         When you start a published application with the Adaptive Audio policy enabled, the wfica32 process might exit unexpectedly. [CVADHELP-20999]

·         Some binaries of Citrix Workspace app might be unsigned resulting in security issues. [CVADHELP-21159]

User Experience

·         The desktop shortcuts enabled through per application settings might take precedence even after setting the value of PutShortcutsOnDesktop to False on the Citrix Workspace app client-side. With the fix, the per application settings are honored only if there are no settings for the value of PutShortcutsOnDesktop on Citrix Workspace app client-side. [CVADHELP-15550]

·         When you minimize and maximize a desktop, the toolbar location might not be retained. [CVADHELP-21258]

·         When you disconnect and reconnect to a session that is set to full-screen mode, the toolbar location might not be retained. [CVADHELP-21324]

·         You might experience delay in enumerating apps and starting apps or desktops when using SSON in an environment that has no active access to external sites. This issue occurs from the Citrix Workspace app version 2210.5 onwards and from the Citrix Workspace app version 2203 CU2 onwards. [CVADHELP-21786]

User Interface

·         You might fail to add a hidden store to the Citrix Workspace app. This issue occurs when you try to add Citrix Gateway FQDN that requires smartcard authentication or when the StoreFront store name has spaces, for example, Service. [CVADHELP-21516]

·         After a store is added with the store authentication token set to true, Citrix Workspace might become unresponsive at the white screen and the store authentication token is set to false. [CVADHELP-21582]

·         The screen might display the authentication pop-up window on the upper left corner instead of displaying on the center. [CVADHELP-21835]

·         The WebView status bar might appear at the bottom of Citrix workspace app when you hover the mouse over any published app or desktop icon. [CVADHELP-22108]

·         When you open a native Citrix Workspace app and right-click on the self-service UI, a context menu might appear. [CVADHELP-22131]

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Support Resources

Citrix Workspace App 22.3.3000 for Windows

Mar 17, 2023
91.6MB - (.exe) Download File

Version: 22.3.3000.3114

  • SHA-256 - 1E752DA9E0DB7ED5D8512F0F6D5F9559832770A513EC7330229DE4705597B1A5

Scripts for Deploying Citrix Workspace App for Windows

Mar 17, 2023
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Citrix ADMX/ ADML Templates for Group Policy Editor

Mar 17, 2023
432 KB - (.zip) Download File

Version: 22.3.3000.3114

  • SHA-256 - 02354569D52BF66A73A1F7941F12C60A8D8FDABAB752EA01602FEA4CE92AE3D3