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Provide secure business apps to increase workforce productivity

“Citrix’s enterprise mobility solutions enable employees to access apps and data from any device or location, resulting in enhanced employee productivity, and augmenting business agility and growth."

Citrix Endpoint Management Recognized as a Visionary Innovation Leader by Frost & Sullivan

Maximize workforce productivity with Citrix mobile productivity apps

The goal of a complete mobile solution isn’t just to make it possible for end users to work on mobile devices—it’s to help them become as productive as possible when they do so. The ease and convenience of consumer apps represent a minimum expectation—in fact, many employees currently rely on native apps for many work functions—but these apps lack true enterprise functionality. Consumer apps simply don’t have the sophistication to allow people to perform routine business tasks such as joining a meeting or sharing a note with the one-click simplicity.  


of surveyed IT organizations use Citrix Endpoint Management Enterprise productivity apps at their organization.

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Secure productivity apps to meet the demands of your organization

Citrix Endpoint Management provides secure productivity apps optimized for business. Apps for email, calendar, contacts, web browsing, note taking, document editing, and remote desktop access—the most complete set of integrated business apps from a single vendor—deliver the rich functionality employees demand with full mobility security.

With a native app experience and integrated workflows that make them even simpler to use, Citrix mobile productivity apps help IT wean users off unmanaged consumer apps.

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Easily containerize and mobilize new and legacy apps

There’s more to mobility than mobile-native apps. Organizations have invested tremendous resources in data center applications; to achieve true mobility, these processes and data sources must be mobilized as well. IT must make legacy apps as accessible and easy to use on mobile devices as they are on traditional computers—and must optimize mobile management, security, and access across all the apps people use. This can pose a huge challenge, due to technical complexity, budget constraints, and a lack of mobile app development resources.

Citrix MDX app container technology works in conjunction with Citrix Endpoint Management. A simple and powerful SDK, the Citrix MDX library can be embedded into any app with a single line of code. Developers can also opt to wrap their apps post-development without adding any code to their app.

A scalable way to mobilize legacy and newly developed apps

A device-optimized experience is essential to adapt Windows apps designed for a two-button mouse and large display for use on a touch-enabled device with more limited screen real estate.

Unified access and single sign-on for every app

People should be able to find any Windows, mobile or SaaS app they need, with single sign-on to eliminate repetitive authorizations so they can get right to work.

Easy access to legacy data

An enterprise environment can pose barriers to secure mobile data access, with key information residing in Microsoft SharePoint systems or other locations that are inaccessible beyond the network. People need to access data in these locations as easily as any other data.

Enterprise-grade management, scalability and performance

Ensure the best possible experience for mobile users, mobility security and full control for IT—no matter how extensively the mobile business environment grows.  

We use WorxMail for secure email, calendaring, and document consultation. It is possible that the 40 council and committee members who use iPads will also use the Citrix Worx Mobile Apps. This fully digital work has increased our flexibility and productivity.
Michael Wischemann
Policy Advisor of Operations
Municipality Simpelveld

Automate workflows and processes

Developing mobile apps can be costly, complex, and time consuming. Citrix Content Collaboration Workflows allows you to create mobile business apps while replacing paper and desktop-based business processes – all without writing one line of code. With Citrix Content Collaboration Workflows capabilities, IT can easily digitize and automate traditional workflows, enabling employees to execute their tasks efficiently. Whether it’s a healthcare worker discharging a patient, an insurance agent filing a claim, or a police officer filing paperwork for a speeding ticket, enterprises are creating, distributing and managing purpose built mobile apps for their workforce.