The Role of Leadership in the New World of Work

The New Workspace Episode 4

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the very fabric of the working world. From the challenges of working remotely, to encouraging productivity in your employees - leaders and employees are navigating an entirely new dynamic.

While we’re still grappling with adjusting to remote working, organisations are now navigating a return to the office, and putting precautions into place to protect their staff. Everything from culture, to on-boarding and hiring has changed, and leaders must react quickly and efficiently to the change in employees as well as workplace culture.

In this episode we will cover:

  • What sort of leader is needed in times of crisis, and the sort of leadership that will emerge in the new working world
  • The difference between a remote workforce and a distributed workforce
  • How to make working from home easier and enjoyable for everyone
  • How to lead a return to office
  • The new skill sets needed from employees and leaders


Safi Obeidullah
Field CTO

Daryll Scott
Director of Human Technology
LAB Group Ltd.

Katharina Wittgens
Managing Director & Business Psychologist

Maria Trivellato
Director, Talent Acquisition

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