Synergy Conference Presentations on Increasing Productivity with Citrix Workspace

See how to empower people to perform the work that matters

How can a digital workspace boost productivity as much as 20%?

The new Citrix Workspace changes the way people work by giving them the right information, the right tasks, and the right software applications at the right time, on all their devices. It uses machine learning and consumer-level personalization to help people perform their most important work first.

We invite you to watch presentations from the Citrix Synergy 2019 conference so you can see:

  • How a digital workspace organizes, guides, and automates work so people can focus on their most important tasks 
  • How “microapps” allow workers to find and perform key tasks from popular business applications with one or two clicks
  • How Citrix Workspace enables employees to collaborate and share content without compromising security
  • How your organization can deliver consumer app-like simplicity and ease of use across computers and mobile devices.

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