The Citrix Cloud Native Team Welcomes You to KubeCon 2020

Learn how to use Citrix cloud native solutions to accelerate your microservices app delivery strategy

If you need a better way to implement consistent, seamless, and secure application delivery in Kubernetes environments, then you’re in the right place. The Citrix Cloud Native Team is here to help. We’ve put together a series of on-demand demos and other resources for optimizing your microservices-based application delivery.

Virtually meet with a Citrix Cloud Native Expert and receive a pair of Apple Airpods.

If you are registered for KubeCon, be sure to stop by our virtual KubeCon booth, where you can enter the raffle to win an Apple TV!

Multi-cluster ingress support: Automatically route traffic to the best cluster based on load and availability

Ultra-low-latency proxy: Offer excellent user experience and support latency-sensitive applications

Holistic security and observability stack: Achieve comprehensive security with Citrix API Gateway; leverage Citrix ADM Service Graph for observability; and power open source observability tools with Citrix ADC data using Observability Exporter

Actionable analytics: Troubleshoot faster using golden signals monitoring, P99 data, and ML-powered insights

GitOps integration: Expose APIs faster with automated API gateway configuration

Watch demos: ingress, load balancing, and observability

See the Citrix cloud native solution in action

Deploying Citrix Ingress Controller in your Kubernetes clusters

How to expose containers running on your internal Kubernetes clusters

Implementing Citrix IPAM controller with serviceType LoadBalancer

How to get insights into your microservices and troubleshoot faster

Using Citrix Service Graph for comprehensive observability

Use GitOps for secure API delivery with Citrix API Gateway

Managing Citrix ADC declaratively with Git

Deploy resilient and secure Kubernetes apps across multi-cloud

Using the Citrix multi-cluster solution to ensure comprehensive app and API security

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