Webinar Event Citrix Workspace: A better, more intelligent way to work
Sep 12 2019
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Sep 12 - Dec 3, 2019

Today, work is more complicated than ever. We rely on a of complicated apps, causing us to spend too much time searching for information. What should have been simple tasks, is suddenly time consuming and difficult. Meanwhile, transitioning to the cloud increases the problem by adding network complexity and security challenges. The result? Most employees aren’t engaged in the work they’re doing. That means they aren’t productive.

At Synergy 2019, Citrix unveiled new Citrix Workspace intelligent features, including advancements in Citrix Networking and Citrix Analytics to help maximize the employee experience.

View this webinar to learn how Citrix technology enables people to focus on work that matters and deliver their best levels of performance.

June 11 Calvin Hsu, Vice President, Product Marketing Watch on-demand
July 31 Kevin Binder, Principal Product Marketing Manager  Watch on-demand