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For many organizations, providing remote users with secure access to corporate resources has become a highly detailed process—one defined by multiple point solutions and complex infrastructures. Delivering apps across traditional, mobile, BYO and cloud environments is the new normal but can easily complicate the user experience and increase vulnerabilities. With remote work on the rise—the number of employees accessing company resources from home is expected to increase as much as 30%1—now’s the time to get ahead of the rise in remote work with a simpler way to contextualize access.

Simplify access control 

Securing an enterprise with numerous monitors, gateways and supplemental VPNs requires extra IT time, resources and monitoring tools to stay ahead of threats. Add in the fact that the average employee still has as many as 97 different passwords to keep track of,2 and the risks are magnified even more. That’s why Citrix Gateway for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops provides one consistent set of access rules—so you can simplify and streamline otherwise disparate access policies. This industry-leading secure web gateway centralizes app-level controls for IT while delivering a simple front-end experience for users.

Prevent unauthorized access 

As remote access increases, it is important to be mindful of vulnerabilities: Studies show that large-scale work-from-home policies can more than double hacking attempts,3 and that newly onboarded remote employees often present the greatest risks.4 To secure virtual apps and desktops in this environment, zero-trust security and contextual access policies are a must. By configuring the right amount of access based on various factors—roles, locations, networks, device types, data sensitivity and more—you can confidently balance user convenience with security. Contextual policies for multi-factor authentication (MFA) can be used to set any number of authentication steps when securing access to confidential data. Additionally, an anti-keylogger and screen scraping tool defends against malware designed to exfiltrate your sensitive corporate data. All so you can empower your users to work securely and seamlessly from any location, on any device.

Improve the experience 

Sometimes, it can feel like a choice: Tighten security or enhance the employee experience? With Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, the two go hand-in-hand. Single sign-on (SSO) ensures secure remote access to any application or resource—whether it's SaaS, web, mobile or hosted—while one-time password capabilities for MFA allow users to verify identities on mobile devices in one swipe. Corporate resources can be delivered through a native browser installed on BYO and unmanaged devices. And as users access different security domains, such as the internet and corporate resources, domain and IP-based split tunneling can be used to alleviate bottlenecks and conserve bandwidth. This connection ensures your users will always have secure access to high-performance apps and desktops, no matter where they go or which devices they use.

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