Support secure, flexible work in times of disruption

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Disruptions can hit at any time and impact your business in an instant. While there’s no way to predict when the next power outage, weather event, or pandemic may hit, it is possible to prepare. The key lies in finding technology solutions capable of keeping your workforce productive and your data secure, so you can deliver a consistent remote work experience—for any number of users, in any situation.

Executive summary

  • Unanticipated disruptions often set the stage for “hacking mayhem.”
  • Citrix keeps corporate data secure with a unified approach to Secure Access Service Edge (SASE).
  • Secure digital workspace solutions ensure organizations can react and scale quickly, without putting additional strain on IT.

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Business outcomes

React in record time

When the unexpected happens, you need to react fast. There’s no time to re-evaluate policies or put new procedures in place. That’s why Citrix Workspace equips you with industry-leading tools so you can continue business as usual. Securely deliver high-definition virtual apps and desktops from the cloud anytime the need arises, and connect users in no time to resources stored on physical workstations with Remote PC Access. Or, for the ultimate in ease and speed, deploy turnkey desktop as a service (DaaS) workloads in just five clicks. Advanced load balancing capabilities distribute traffic to available servers so business-critical apps continue to function flawlessly, while always-on availability lets you securely connect users to your network in minutes—on any device, from any location. All so you can ensure a seamless, uninterrupted workspace experience without putting additional strain on IT.

Scale with ease

For those times when you have little more than hours or days to prepare, it helps to have easy-to-deploy options at your disposal. With Citrix Workspace, you’ll have a wide range of ready-to-go solutions. Burst to the cloud with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service workloads, or quickly deliver pay-as-you-go Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Standard for Azure subscriptions without having to build out robust back-end infrastructure. You can rely on Citrix SD-WAN to ensure thousands of remote workers have resilient, secure connectivity to all their apps. And when increased app demand leads to a spike in network traffic, Citrix ADC enables you to auto-scale resources by automatically provisioning licensed and configured instances. Simply spin up each solution as needs arise, and then scale back down when the extra capacity is no longer needed.

Simplify management

Supporting hybrid work is complex enough. But add a large-scale disruption to the equation, and those everyday challenges become even more pronounced. That is, unless you have a workspace solution to increase agility. Citrix Workspace equips you with a variety of options for managing permissions, finding and fixing application issues, monitoring network health and more. You can handle administration of both Windows and Linux applications delivered from any cloud or on-premises datacenter in a unified cloud console with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, and get holistic visibility across all apps and ADCs with Citrix Application Delivery Management. And when you incorporate DaaS resources into your deployment, you’ll have the option of offloading hardware management and administrative tasks to the experts through Citrix Managed Azure. Where there’s a need, there’s a way—to achieve greater agility and control, and to keep people productive in the midst of disruption.

Increase security

With distributed workers accessing data from so many different locations, security concerns are high. More than half of surveyed IT professionals see endpoint security as their #1 challenge1, while 45% say security risks are a top network issue2. Add in the “hacking mayhem” that can occur in times of disruption3, and protecting apps and data can seem like a never-ending battle. Citrix makes it easy to protect all users against external attacks with a unified approach to Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) that includes a full cloud-delivered security stack alongside Citrix SD-WAN. Citrix Secure Private Access, meanwhile, provides an isolated environment for all SaaS, web, and virtual apps, and continually evaluates access with an end-to-end zero-trust approach. Together, these Citrix Workspace solutions provide everything you need to protect against breaches—without limiting access or compromising network performance.

Maintain high availability

With eight in ten organizations planning for future hybrid work arrangements4, many are having to reimagine what it means to deliver high-performing applications as people transition between home and corporate networks. For most remote users, the need for resiliency is high—particularly when competing with other work-from-home users for bandwidth. With Citrix SD-WAN, your workforce can leverage wireless 4G LTE connectivity alongside broadband to ensure sufficient bandwidth at all times, even when videoconferencing or using graphics-intensive apps. Simply preconfigure the plug-and-play Citrix SD-WAN 110 appliance to eliminate single-point-of-connectivity failure. And with Quality of Service (QoS) controls to seek the best path for each application in both directions, you can rest assured that traffic will be optimized for the fastest, most reliable experience possible.

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