Synergy conference presentations on desktop-as-a-service and delivering applications in hybrid multi-cloud environments

See how to increase security and productivity at the same time

You don’t need a PhD to deliver desktops and applications from the cloud. A new Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering from Citrix is the simplest and fastest way to deliver Windows desktops and apps them Azure to any device with the least work for your IT team.

Citrix ADC and ADM dramatically reduce the complexity of delivering cloud-native apps from hybrid multi-cloud environments.

We invite you to watch presentations from the Citrix Synergy 2019 conference that explain and demonstrate new ways to deliver desktops and applications from the cloud. You can see:

  • How Citrix Managed Desktops delivers secure desktops and apps from the cloud as a secure turnkey service perfect for enabling temporary and remote workers, contractors, and work-at-home staffs
  • How Citrix ADC and ADM manage network traffic to maximize application performance, availability, and security in hybrid multi-cloud environments
  • The simplest, most flexible way for you to deliver microservices-based apps that run in advanced virtual and containerized environments

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