App Orchestration 2.0 Documentation

This visual depiction of the App Orchestration architecture details the relationships between various components at a high level to acclimate users to App Orchestration and allow them to prepare the necessary infrastructure components in their deployment.

Provides an overview of important App Orchestration concepts and terms, including tenancy, offerings, multi-datacenter deployments, tenant isolation, and resource domains.

Within an App Orchestration environment, you can isolate certain parts of the network to provide tenants with private resources. This document discusses network isolation within App Orchestration and describes the networks that need to be created in each scenario.

Learn about late-breaking issues and find more information about how App Orchestration works with other Citrix components.

This poster lays out the major installation steps in a visual and intuitive manner to help install the product software.

Learn what you need to get started installing App Orchestration. Use in conjunction with the App Orchestration Setup Checklist.

Use this checklist as a convenient tool to plan your deployment and record the details you need to prepare your environment and install App Orchestration. Includes information on prerequisites.

Many different credentials are used in a typical App Orchestration environment. This document discusses these credentials and makes recommendations on the minimum permissions they require.

Provides an introduction to datacenters within App Orchestration. The first half of the document introduces the concepts associated with datacenters. The second half is a step-by-step guide to deploying a basic multi-datacenter environment.

App Orchestration can deploy Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops in complex multi-forest Active Directory environments. This document describes the additional manual configuration that is required to enable this functionality.

Describes how to provide user access to desktops with Windows 7 look and feel in XenApp 6.5 in an App Orchestration environment by configuring Windows policy settings and Citrix policy settings.

Describes how to configure SQL database mirroring for a typical App Orchestration deployment, including databases for the App Orchestration configuration server, Delivery Sites and Session Machines running XenDesktop 7.1, and Delivery Sites and Session Machines running XenApp 6.5 Feature Pack 2.

App Orchestration integrates with Citrix ADC for load balancing and Citrix Gateway for tenant user authentication. This document guides you step-by-step through the configuration of Citrix ADC and Citrix Gateway in the App Orchestration environment.

Describes the deployment of the App Orchestration Integrated Provisioning feature. In addition to introducing the feature, it describes creating a Compute Resource, Integrated Provisioning Session Machine Catalog and Offering, tenant import, capacity adjustments, and tenant subscription to the offering.

Describes preparation and configuration procedures for integrating Provisioning Services with App Orchestration in a single domain.,PVS in AO

The catalog upgrade process allows you to provide new applications and updates to the Session Machines in your deployment with minimal disruption to tenants and users. Learn more about how the upgrade process works and how to safely update machines.

This document discusses how users access offerings using StoreFront and Receiver, and provides an overview of user self-service with CloudPortal Services Manager 11.