RawWorks uses Citrix Workspace to help Hollands Kroon become the first municipality with a fully remote workforce in Holland

Transformation from thin client to a modern microapps organization with BYOD

The City Municipality of Hollands Kroon evolved rapidly from a typical Citrix Virtual Applications and Desktops customer to the first customer in the Netherlands to fully accept the microapps-based portal model and put custom microapps in production.

Leveraging Citrix Partner RawWorks’ innovative end-to-end Microapps-as-a-Service, Hollands Kroon shifted from a 9-5 workplace to a results-based organization where employees are measured on performance, not hours logged. This agile Workspace solution has become a model for municipalities across the Netherlands.

The challenge

Hollands Kroon wanted to give their staff the freedom to work from home on the device and operating system of their choice. However, their employees were working from their Windows 10 devices into a published desktop with Windows 2012R2, which delivered a “locked in” user experience.  

They expected a Microsoft Modern Workspace solution with legacy applications through a VPN. Instead, RawWorks chose to demo the full capabilities of Citrix Workspace. With this introduction to the NEW Citrix, Holland Kroons agreed to remove the published desktop and combine all applications into one, easy-to-use portal, allowing users to work more locally and administrators manage the environments more easily.

The result

RawWorks leveraged the timing of the customer’s migration from on-premises Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops to Citrix Workspace Premium Plus to introduce their unique end-to-end Microapps-as-a-Service model.

Working closely with Hollands Kroon to identify top employee experience use cases, the API experts at RawWorks mapped business processes to flow diagrams and then looked at what could be automated with microapps. They built custom APIs and microapps leveraging cloud technologies and CI/CD pipelines that they could deliver as a managed service, including:

  • Onboarding microapp to create Active Directory accounts
  • Self-Service microapp to request application access
  • TopDesk microapp for the ticketing system

RawWorks leveraged Citrix Workspace to organize and automate work in an intelligent and personal way, transforming the employee experience at Hollands Kroon completely. Now, 80% percent of business users in Hollands Kroon are working in this module and report vastly superior support and user experience.

Rather than logging into two separate environments – Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and Microsoft 365, users now have a single sign-on (SSO) experience. One app, one click. Through this SSO users access a range of everyday tools, from legacy applications to third-party SaaS apps.

“We would not have been able to launch successfully without RawWorks,” says Frank Van Hoolwerff, ICT Advisor. “This was a new playing field for us, completely unlike our legacy environment, and RawWorks’ expertise was crucial, particularly in making the application experience simple and presentable for users.”

Innovation is a mindset. It’s about not being afraid to try new things. Hollands Kroon has had so many successes. Our job is to show other municipalities what is possible when you let go of fear and innovate.

Christopher Twiest
Tech Officer

About RawWorks

A SILVER Citrix Solution Advisor (CSA) and Citrix Service Provider (CSP), RawWorks offers IT knowledge and services. They use IT to create business value. With small teams, they have deep knowledge into the specific industries they support and have practical experience with these industries. RawWorks leverages this knowledge to bring the latest innovations to our customers. As a result, customers work more effectively, save money and are satisfied.​

About Hollands Kroon

Hollands Kroon is a municipality located in the Northwest Netherlands.

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