Region of Southern Denmark

South Denmark consists of the former Funen, Ribe and South of Vejle counties. Region of Southern Denmark's main task is to operate hospitals and psychiatric health and also handles tasks within social services and regional development. The region has 1.2 million residents and is Denmark's third largest region.

The Challenge: Slow provisioning of servers

When you have to operate hospitals, this requires both diligence and the ability to act quickly. This applies not only to patients, but also in supporting work processes, not least with it.

So when one department at one of the region's hospitals need a new server, for example in connection with a new X-ray system, it landed a requisition of the region's supply coordinator team. The team's task is to clarify the delivery - for example, the number of CPUs, memory, function on the new server, and collect operational documentation. Delivery coordinators are responsible for the practical aspects of server delivery.

"Previously, it was a long process to provision servers because several sub-processes were resolved manually. And the elements that actually was automated, was not standardized, even though we had templates for tasks. So if a key employee had no time the project would simply be put on hold until he had the time," says Kim Værgman, Server / Storage specialist in the Regional IT in the South Region.

"We could come to act as gatekeepers when there would be no changes in the IT systems in the hospitals within that region. At the same time, we were not so good at getting our customers to advise in advance which meant delays in the process, so our delivery of servers was further delayed."

By standardizing and automating server provisioning as goals, Kim Værgman started researching the market and created a Proof of Concept on selected products.

The Solution: Citrix Cloud Platform

After PoC and the choice of Citrix Cloud Platform Kim worked closely with his colleague Lasse Hamann to introduce the product, which went into operation in October 2014.

We have VMware as part of our environment, so it was natural to examine VMware's Cloud Suite. Additionally, I examined Cloud Platform, which is Citrix's version of the Open Source product Cloud Stack. It soon became clear that Citrix Cloud Platform was the most optimal product: A wide orchestras mounting tool with a simple component breakdown and a back-end that was easy to get started with, even if it required a certain degree of customization. So it was an easy choice. For us, Citrix Cloud Platform not stand alone, after provisioning, we need other tools to prepare for the operation, including tools to put OS and clients with.
- Kim Værgman

Server / Storage specialist

Regional IT in the South Region

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The process takes only five minutes now, therefore, Regional IT is no longer the bottleneck, if they are busy, or if the need suddenly arises in one of the hospitals. We can in any case provide quickly and safely and with complete control of the content.
- Kim Værgman

Server / Storage specialist

Regional IT in the South Region


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