LMG Marin AS

LMG Marin is headquartered in Bergen and has departments in Poland and France. The airline has designed over 1000 civil and military vessels for customers worldwide. 30 employees and contracted resources use powerful Dell workstations, located at the company's offices, to perform their functions. The IT department has two employees in which one operates the Citrix-based service environment.

The Challenge: Access anytime, anywhere

"Our IT solutions require a lot of computing power. Our engineers sit far away from customers and are often traveling. We needed to ensure the employees had good access anytime and anywhere. We wanted solutions that lay ahead of users' needs," says Jocelyn Strømsnes, IT technical manager of LMG Marin.

There are millions of fast-moving projects involving design and construction for the petroleum sector per week. Speed to market is critical. LMG Marin investigates new strategies and tools to increase efficiency and productivity. They found that the services could be provided on new and better ways to increase productivity and facilitate greater flexibility.
"Initial focus was on the centralization of data, new solutions for easier use and secure exchange of files. This was soon expanded to find better ways to deliver even the heaviest applications," says Strømsnes.

The Challenge: Virtual "the impossible"

LMG Marin and Citrix reseller First Point set ambitious goals. Processes that previously took hours can now be resolved in minutes. To succeed, you have to break new ground. Delivering heavy and bandwidth-intensive applications as a service was a challenge most would reject before it was assessed. It was seen as expensive, inefficient and difficult to deliver the stability, power and accessibility of the route network, especially outside your LAN. Meanwhile, the mandatory requirement is to provide working tools anytime, anywhere.

"It is a great advantage if we can start working on the projects once we have staff in place. Although we see that we will need dedicated hardware for completing complex projects with many drawings, our engineers start with sectional views on the PC they have at hand. Now, we start the same day, not after several weeks.” The requirement specification was therefore expanded to be able to get up a cloud for delivery of IT tools to engineers outside LAN.

The Solution: Virtualised AutoCad

Close cooperation and technical pioneering work has given LMG Marin one nettskymodell. They use Citrix XenApp to deliver virtualized services on the local network, and XenDesktop to deliver virtual workspaces and 3D graphics outside.

"We virtualize both applications and workspaces. Services are provided in the form that is best suited to the employee, time, place and route network. The heaviest applications are delivered with XenDesktop because of graphics performance. "Demanding applications like AutoCad are available as virtualized services. The quality is so good that employees do not notice a difference between being in the LAN or WAN. Citrix NetScaler plays a key role to ensure stability and speed.

Exchanging all kinds of files, be it technical drawings, projects or other documents, arranged through Citrix Share File. The technology provides secure access and sharing of files regardless of location, time and unity, security and control adapted to companies' needs. Citrix Share File meets the IT department needs for control of users' desire for flexibility and productivity. The IT department has full control and oversight.

"My colleagues give good feedback. Time is released, users are self-catering and quality increases. This is the best IT project we have completed. I look forward to all applications being virtualized. "

The Result: Simpler, better, safer 

"We have a lot of heavy applications that run with the same type of virtual delivery. Eventually, all applications will be delivered via the cloud, "says Strømsnes, adding that they have had several cases where AutoCad has been delivered over cellular with good performance. “This is the best we've done on it. With the help of Citrix, we have solutions that deliver business benefits."

They have also chosen Citrix GoToMeeting. It has given all employees a very useful and powerful collaboration tool. This solved tasks across borders through real-time communications and online meetings.

"The operation is easier and saves me a lot of time. Less tailoring, faster deployments and effortless troubleshooting. Processes that once took hours, are now solved in minutes and I can use the time to engage in more strategic IT tasks. Virtualized applications fail less, and I spend 30 percent less time on support," says Strømsnes. Troubleshooting takes place with Citrix GoToAssist. "I can go into the employee's workspace regardless of whether they are in Brazil or Bergen and resolve the problem there and then, usually in 15 minutes," she says.

Another positive consequence is that employees are more self-reliant. They can serve themselves and the data follows them regardless of time, place and device. All files are located where users want, and the exchange takes place safely and efficiently. "The investment pays back in less than one year. In addition, our employees are more flexible and have the ability to be more efficient, "says Strømsnes.

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My colleagues give good feedback. Time is released, users are self-catering and quality increases. This is the best IT project we have completed. I look forward to all applications being virtualized.
- Jocelyn Strømsnes

IT Technical Manager

LMG Marin


Key Benefits

  • Easier management
  • Innovative solution that is repaid in less than one year
  • IT freedom and flexibility for employees

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