Nitro SDK for NetScaler

Configure and monitor the NetScaler appliance with ease

The ability to control your networking device programmatically is essential for network owners. As deployments get complex and 10s/100s of devices are being used to perform similar tasks, it becomes extremely difficult to manually control the configuration changes. There are different automation and management architectures being discussed today, and you need to have your device interoperate with any such architecture.

NetScaler supports an excellent layer of APIs called the NITRO APIs, which are RESTful and greatly superior to the last generation APIs. These APIs are fast, responsive and lightweight, providing hierarchal relationship of objects, allowing bulk processing and providing several other benefits over the traditional approach. With these quick SDKs, you can integrate with any automation framework and model. These SDKs are available for Java, .NET, Python and REST, which would enable the integration with any model which can simply work over HTTP or HTTPS. For Windows users, the .NET SDK can be used for PowerShell based automation.

Another interesting aspect of the NetScaler family of products is that a similar approach is taken for products like NetScaler SDX, NetScaler Command Center and NetScaler Insight Center. All of these products have NITRO-based API frameworks and support the SDK model, so the whole family is automation ready.

The SDKs ensure that every step that can be taken on the product user interface has a parallel API and function in SDK. With this functionality, everything from bringing up the product to making it operational is available through APIs supported in SDKs.

Note: Citrix account credentials are required to access certain SDK content.  If you do not have a Citrix account, please complete the Developer Registration process.

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