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The MDX App SDK delivers a complete set of MDX capabilities to your existing mobile apps. The APIs enable you to:

  • Perform actions in wrapped apps based on Endpoint Management policies.
  • Detect activities within your MDX-enabled apps. For example, you can check whether an app is wrapped or managed.
  • Add custom functionality, such as security and policy enforcement.
  • Develop mobile apps that will run either inside or outside a Citrix environment.

In addition to being centrally configurable with MDX policies when used with Endpoint Management, apps that use the MDX App SDK can operate standalone outside of Citrix environments.

You can validate your app to ensure compatibility with Citrix solutions and earn Citrix Ready verification. You can then list the app in the Citrix Ready Marketplace where you can market your app to more than 400,000 customers and 10,000 Citrix resellers. To learn about joining the Citrix Ready program, see About Citrix Ready.

For more details about using the MDX App SDK, see the following resources in the Citrix product documentation:

Citrix account credentials are required to access certain SDK content.  If you do not have a Citrix account, please complete the Developer Registration process.

Watch related videos on the Citrix Developer YouTube channel.

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