Community Outreach

A focus on K-12 Education,  Environmental Stewardship & Technology Advancement

Citrix software brings millions of people together every day by enabling them to instantly access information from anywhere, using any device. Citrix is equally committed to bringing people together through our community outreach program, which enriches and empowers our diverse global community through the efforts of our employees and partners, and the benefits of our technology. Citrix strives to be a good global citizen while providing its employees with the means to deliver their best talent to local organizations via our products and business skills. Citrix strongly encourages community involvement, investment and volunteerism and has a history of providing grants and financial support to organizations and projects that promote better access to educational, economic and technological opportunities.

K-12 Education
Communities agree that children deserve the best education possible. Businesses agree that they deserve the most educated workforce possible. Citrix supports public-private education partnerships because a well-educated workforce provides opportunities for young people, helps our community and our economy grow, and improves our education system.

Environmental Stewardship
There is a passion at Citrix that is about more than generating profits. It’s a belief that we can make a difference through our products and our actions. Our products play a role in environmental stewardship and quality of life. Citrix technology enables people to work remotely without have to commute to work, which mitigates gas consumption, pollution, and our carbon footprint. Some of our environmental projects include electronic recycling, global employee driven “green” teams and the reduction of energy consumption through virtualization. We partner with One Village Planet, a global thinking, village-acting environmental, educational, and humanitarian organization to assist and facilitate self-help projects in Haiti and Ghana.

Technology Advancement
Citrix was founded in 1989 with a vision that continues to guide the company today: to make it easy for people to access information on demand. To accomplish this globally, we focus our support on local training programs to transfer knowledge of technology and business management within developing and underserved communities. We do this in cooperation with partners in hundreds of our Citrix Authorized Learning Centers (CALCs) worldwide. Volunteers from the greater Citrix community contribute their time and expertise based upon their own educational and work-related experiences, applying their “best talent” skills to the projects we embrace.