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Ultimate Software promotes a passion for perfection with GoToAssist

Ultimate Software is passionate about its Web-based payroll and workforce management solutions. The company employs more than 500 people, including 62 highly trained support professionals who focus on responding to customer support calls. The company fosters a culture that values employees and it shows: in 2005, Ultimate Software was listed among the Top 25 Best Medium-Sized Companies to Work for in America by the Great Place to Work Institute.

The Challenge: Choosing the right technology to deliver perfect support

Because Ultimate Software’s payroll and HR solutions are critical applications for businesses, it is essential to resolve customer issues rapidly and accurately. The company’s customer service philosophy, called “Passion for Perfection,” aims to create an outstanding customer support experience. “Our customer support teams are motivated about raising the bar on performance to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction,” explained JC Gonzalez, vice president of customer support. “The company does everything it can to win customers’ loyalty.”

For years, customer support teams supplemented traditional phone support by using remote-support tools to take control of a customer’s computer to resolve an issue. However, the company used a remote support product that was difficult to connect and cumbersome to use. “Even though we solved our customer’s issues, the technology itself didn’t handle the process efficiently,” recalled Heath Propper, director of technical support. As a result, customer satisfaction with this remote support solution was lackluster and employees shied away from using it. “We required a solution that allowed us to focus on solving our customer’s issues, not on the support technology itself.”

Implementing GoToAssist to resolve customer issues quickly

Citrix® GoToAssist® is now part of Ultimate Software’s playbook for delivering exceptional support. Of the thousands of calls received monthly, up to 50 percent involve GoToAssist for resolving issues. When talking with a customer, the support representative easily starts a Web-based remote support session by providing a URL and a unique connection code. The representative can then securely connect to the customer’s system to share their desktop, upload patches, resolve the issue and provide product training. Built-in surveys are delivered automatically to customers at the end of each session to gauge the effectiveness of problem resolution. Survey results are then stored to provide important satisfaction metrics that tie in to the company’s employee reward and recognition program.

Enhancing customer satisfaction

With GoToAssist, Ultimate Software support representatives now concentrate on providing excellent service rather than dealing with a cumbersome remote-support product. “Now our focus is 100 percent on helping our customers, and our overall customer retention rate stands at an enviable 97 percent. Customers are much more satisfied with the GoToAssist experience,” noted Gonzalez.

Ultimate Software has significantly improved several other metrics as well. Previously, the average call handling time was longer than desired. Now, with a small, on-demand download, representatives can get to the source of the issue faster. “Within 30 seconds we are typically engaged in troubleshooting the issue,” said Propper. Once in a session, issues can be resolved faster and more accurately through powerful features such as remote control, file transfer and remote diagnostics. “Since implementing GoToAssist, we have decreased our call-handling time by 50 percent,” enabling representatives to increase the quality of service during support calls.

Customers have responded enthusiastically to GoToAssist. “Customers often ask us to start a GoToAssist session as soon as the call begins,” said Propper. Because GoToAssist is a key technology that enables representatives to resolve issues accurately the first time, the company now resolves 95 percent of customer issues at the tier one support level. Furthermore, representatives use a support situation as an opportunity to provide enhanced service and education. “We’re able to spend additional time with the customers coaching them so that they’re less-dependent on support in the future,” he said. “We have changed their experience and the perception of what customer support can be.”

Supporting the "Big Play" with GoToAssist

After each GoToAssist session, customers provide feedback on their experience using an integrated survey. The feedback and metrics then channel into a unique program to recognize and reward employees. For example, customer comments that point to excellent service are read by senior management and can result in a “Big Play” award. “We provide rewards and bonuses for the top teams and top individuals based on the GoToAssist surveys,” said Propper.

Keeping employees satisfied is a primary goal at Ultimate Software. “Employee retention is something we value very highly, and we’re always looking at ways to improve the support representative experience,” explained Gonzalez. GoToAssist boosts employee satisfaction because it cultivates a successful and positive support experience for both customers and representatives. “Because representatives can resolve issues faster and more accurately for customers, our employee satisfaction is higher.”

Security and integration are essential

In the payroll and HR industry, data privacy is paramount. “We are dealing with personal employee information as well as payroll information,” said Propper. GoToAssist provides state-of-the-art security features to bolster customers’ confidence that the data remains private. “GoToAssist provides 128-bit encryption and other security measures that put customers at ease knowing that their data is secure.”

Ultimate Software has seamlessly integrated the GoToAssist solution and GoToAssist session data into its existing case management system and other technologies. “Having the data stored locally on our own servers allows us to use our in-house business intelligence tools to report and analyze it,” said Gonzalez.

An integral component of the Passion for Perfection strategy, GoToAssist is “one of the key technologies that contributes to increased customer satisfaction and helps Ultimate Software maintain high levels of customer retention,” according to Gonzalez.

About Citrix Online

Citrix Online solutions enable people to work from anywhere. Our products include GoToAssist® for remote support, GoToManage® for IT management, GoToMeeting® for online meetings, GoToMyPC® for remote access, GoToTraining® for interactive online training and GoToWebinar® for larger web events.

Since implementing GoToAssist, we have decreased our call-handling time by 50 percent.
- Heath Propper

Director of Technical Support

Key Benefits

  • Reduces call handling time by 50 percent
  • Improves employee satisfaction and retention
  • Protects confidential data over the network

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