TELUS doubles growth in hosted services with Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager

TELUS Customer Solutions is using Citrix® CloudPortal™ Services Manager to support hosted Microsoft® Exchange, Microsoft® SharePoint®, Microsoft® Office Communications Server and BlackBerry® Enterprise Server.

“CloudPortal Services Manager is supporting TELUS’ strategy of differentiating itself in the market by giving customers the tools to combine new products with existing ones,” said Renaldo Scalabrino, marketing director, TELUS Customer Solutions.

“We offer our customers the ability to add hosted Exchange to business Internet or BlackBerry services, for example,” he explained. “With CloudPortal Services Manager self-service, TELUS customers can add or remove users and select the services and service levels they want for each of their employees. These changes are automatically reflected in their monthly bill. Customers can try things on a smaller scale because it is so easy for them to self-provision. BlackBerry add-ons to e-mail are one example: people are adding the BlackBerry service to their existing e-mail account. It’s a very good growth path.”

When TELUS launched a competitive bid for a new cloud control panel, it had two essential criteria: performance with Microsoft products and speed of response to new Microsoft releases.

“Our speed to market relies on how quickly our control panel can respond to new products,” Scalabrino said. “CloudPortal Services Manager typically supports new Microsoft releases significantly faster than our previous control panel vendor. In terms of performance with Microsoft products, the quality and performance of CloudPortal Services Manager are exceptional. It remains responsive and performs well even with a large number of customers. The solution’s other big advantage is its ‘look’ – the way it appears to customers.”

He continued, “Our sales team looks forward to demonstrating CloudPortal Services Manager, customers like it and support calls related to use or performance have disappeared.”  TELUS product managers get accurate, up-to-the-minute reporting from CloudPortal Services Manager.

“We are making better-informed decisions about the management of the products, and can easily measure the effect of promotions,” Scalabrino said. “We are only using around 50 percent of what CloudPortal Services Manager can do – we are interested in exploring the product further. It can provision and manage other services such as customer relationship management, virtualization and web hosting. Delivering services through a single set of user interfaces reduces cost and time to market, and customers are comfortable using a familiar interface.”

He concluded, “It always feels as if Citrix is working with us to be successful. We find that employees at all levels of the Citrix organization go out of their way to assist and be helpful. They try to understand our business – and they exceed our expectations. We go to market as a team.”

About the Citrix solution

Citrix® CloudPortal™ Services Manager is an extensible platform that empowers Citrix Service Provider (CSP) customers with self-service control – improving customers’ overall satisfaction and service experience. CloudPortal Services Manager provides out-of-the-box support for Windows® applications as a service (with Citrix® XenApp™), Exchange, Office, SharePoint®, Lync™, CRM, web hosting and more. Without any IT expertise, CSP customers can add and change services, manage users, delegate control and administer their accounts from one unified user interface. Hundreds of service providers use this solution to provide cloud-hosted applications to more than a quarter-million users worldwide. These service providers have used the comprehensive SDK to add over 150 custom Windows, web and third-party SaaS services to the platform.

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Our sales team looks forward to demonstrating CloudPortal Services Manager, customers like it and support calls related to use or performance have disappeared.
- Renaldo Scalabrino

Marketing Director

TELUS Customer Solutions

Key Benefits

  • High performance and responsiveness even with large customer base
  • Appealing user interface for customers
  • Drives growth by facilitating self-provisioning of new services by customers

Citrix Product

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