Oracle Red Bull Racing’s “invisible driver”

Every year, F1 race results depend more and more on tech innovation, and the top teams are always looking for new ways to increase on-track performance. In 2017, after 10 years as a business customer, Citrix became an Innovation Partner of Oracle Red Bull Racing to help the team build the future of racing. 

The Oracle Red Bull Racing Team itself is made up of more than 800 people. And since the trackside members travel to over twenty different countries on five continents every year, the team needed an innovation partner that could help them improve collaboration, enable real-time decision-making, and take “fast-paced” creativity to a whole new level. 

The team’s technology suite includes Citrix DaaS deployed with Citrix VDI, Citrix ADC, Citrix Gateway, and Citrix Content Collaboration: With Citrix DaaS work can get done from anywhere. At the track, engineers can access large, off-site 3D graphics and CAD files without downtime. At the factory, R&D and Aerodynamics ops team members can see live sensor data from the cars and make informed decisions as if they’re trackside, too. Wherever employees are, they have the same experience with the same level of security.

Citrix ADC, Citrix Gateway, and Citrix Content Collaboration also improve the user experience. Oracle Red Bull Racing runs some of its most critical workloads on Citrix ADC, because it provides load balancing and enables direct connections that allow secure access of third parties when needed. This means network reliability and performance remain strong, while security is never sacrificed. Given the competitive nature of racing, security is top-of-mind for Oracle Red Bull Racing. “The advantage that Citrix provides us is knowing we can be in a safe environment. The speed that we can access our data from any location around the world and knowing that we can get it effectively, timely and of course securely is fundamental to our success” says Team Principal and CEO, Christian Horner.

There are many elements key to the success of a F1 team, from concepting and custom building a new race car each year, to empowering the strong and motivated team that supports two primed and talented drivers. And partnering with the right technology companies to help them innovate, push boundaries, and widen their expertise in an extremely fast-moving sport is just as important. 

Matt Cadieux CIO of Oracle Red Bull Racing sums up how Citrix works behind the scenes to support Oracle Red Bull Racing: “We use Citrix widely throughout the business and they touch our entire life cycle from design through to manufacturing, and then to racing. Citrix also helps us deliver information to decision makers at the track using locally hosted solutions and we deliver a lot of data and applications back to our UK operations room with 50 engineers providing decision support. Citrix helps us raise the bar and perform at a high level by allowing us to deliver data and applications to the people who need to make real time decisions. This is key to race success.”

Use case: Design and aerodynamics

Citrix enables a user-friendly working environment, which frees engineers to focus on the cars     and the challenges on the track, instead of worrying about IT user interface or usability problems.

Use case: Simulator and wind tunnel 

The race team use Citrix to virtualize their wind tunnel, which allows them to share the facility efficiently and securely with their sister team.

Use case: Test rig and manufacturing

Citrix DaaS is used widely throughout the business, from VDIs, to enabling remote work, to supporting the delivery of analytical and graphically intensive applications at the racetrack, to supporting operations at HQ.

Use case: Race weekend

Citrix helps deliver information to decision makers throughout the race weekend which can ultimately shape their strategy decisions on race day.

Citrix helps us raise the bar and perform at a high level by allowing us to deliver data and applications to the people who need to make real time decisions. This is key to race success.
Matt Cadieux
Oracle Red Bull Racing