Office IT-Partner finds CloudPortal a perfect tool for rapid growth

Office IT-Partner is a Swedish company that provides managed services such as hosted Microsoft® Exchange and SharePoint® and Citrix® XenApp™ to customers in Sweden and in other countries including China, the United States and Spain.

With plans for a major expansion of its hosted services operations, Office IT-Partner needed some smart new tools to help manage its users. “We knew we were going to expand a lot, but our old systems of managing our customers and their accounts meant that we had different technicians implementing different customers in different ways. We could see we would struggle without a very good system in place,” said Product Manager Kjell Gabrielsson.

Among the options considered by Gabrielsson and his team was Citrix® CloudPortal™ Services Manager. It had strong appeal, and has turned out to be a winning solution.

Real benefits for business

CloudPortal Services Manager appealed to Office IT-Partner for many reasons. First, it would provide a solid, standard provisioning platform for all customers and would provision a wide range of hosted services.

The easy-to-use interface would enable customers to take care of many provisioning tasks themselves, such as changing passwords and adding new users. This capability instantly translated to reduced labor and support costs for the company.

Office IT-Partner has found CloudPortal Services Manager a perfect tool to enable its rapid growth. Importantly for this Scandinavian company, CloudPortal Services Manager easily enables multilingual translations of applications. Dealing with customers in diverse countries as well as domestic customers in Sweden requires parts of the platform and interface to be presented in English and/or Swedish.

The right fit got global success

Gabrielsson and his colleague, Systems Engineer Bertil Haga, found that just as the Citrix product met their business’ needs, the people behind the software provided equally impressive service and knowledge.

“The Citrix staff are very professional and made the whole implementation process a good experience for us. They always understood our issues and were responsive to our needs,” said Haga. “It has been a very easy transition – CloudPortal Services Manager has met our needs perfectly.”

Gabrielsson found that the company’s ability to work with smaller businesses also contributed to the success of the implementation. “The Citrix Cloud App Delivery Group has a strong focus on working with small and medium-sized businesses, such as ours. They understood how we are thinking in doing business with our customers.”

Office IT-Partner also found that working with a company on the other side of the Atlantic has its advantages. Requests made at the end of the working day in Sweden can be dealt with overnight by Citrix staff in the United States, allowing Office IT-Partner to provide prompt service to its customers.

A good investment decision

Office IT-Partner continues to realize savings from reduced labor and support costs, thanks to the easy provisioning system and user self-provisioning functions of CloudPortal Services Manager. The product is driving further savings by providing accurate user numbers, allowing Office IT-Partner to charge accordingly.  Gabrielsson calculates that these and other efficiencies mean the solution will have paid for itself (including implementation and license costs) within six to 12 months. “CloudPortal Services Manager has provided the tools we need to grow our business. Without it we would be drowning in the process of administering our customers.”

Office Data is confident that the CloudPortal Services Manager provisioning platform will enable it to increase the number of users served by more than 200 percent in the coming year.

About the Citrix solution

Citrix® CloudPortal™ Services Manager is an extensible platform that empowers Citrix Service Provider (CSP) customers with self-service control – improving customers’ overall satisfaction and service experience. CloudPortal Services Manager provides out-of-the-box support for Windows® applications as a service (with Citrix® XenApp™), Exchange, Office, SharePoint®, Lync™, CRM, web hosting and more. Without any IT expertise, CSP customers can add and change services, manage users, delegate control and administer their accounts from one unified user interface. Hundreds of service providers use this solution to provide cloud-hosted applications to more than a quarter-million users worldwide. These service providers have used the comprehensive SDK to add over 150 custom Windows, web and third-party SaaS services to the platform.

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CloudPortal Services Manager has provided the tools we need to grow our business. Without it we would be drowning in the process of administering our customers.
- Kjell Gabrielsson

Product Manager

Office IT-Partner

Key Benefits

  • Supports rapid expansion with self-service provisioning
  • Standardizes provisioning process
  • Delivers ROI within 12 months
  • Enables multilingual translations of applications

Citrix Product

  • Citrix CloudPortal