Movistar achieves growth and service excellence with Citrix virtual computing

Movistar Chile is a division of the Telefónica Group that was created from the acquisition of Bellsouth in 2005. The company provides paid television, business communications, cellular telephony and value-added services for corporations. Movistar’s subscriber base has grown from 6 million to 7 million over five years.
Movistar’s 2009 revenues were US $1,375 million, representing year-over-year growth of 24 percent in comparison with the previous year. Movistar was ranked fourth by the consultant Great Place to Work in its annual ranking. The company has more than 4,400 employees throughout Chile.

The Challenge: Consolidate IT infrastructures to improve services and lower costs

With the acquisition of Bellsouth, the company faced several challenges. The company required a technology solution that would allow it to remain on top of the operational functions, provide data security, and meet customer response time expectations, since customer satisfaction are very important to the company.

The growth plans of Telefónica Group required quick and effective implementation, since the company had to maintain its commercial operations during the transition. The IT department was required support to the growth plan established with the merger of the two companies, with the objective of assuming and maintaining leadership in the cellphone business and expanding the offering with new products and services.

Citrix provides a complete solution

The first stage was to unify the infrastructure and provide a high-quality service that would adapt to the client-response times required of a company with this amount of business volume. “We had multiple technology platforms and infrastructure heterogeneity. We also had high support costs and low-quality user experience, which required better IT services for it to work,” recalls Luis Urzúa, manager of IT Services Technology and Operations for Movistar Chile.

Movistar implemented several Citrix products targeted at covering every one of the company’s needs, thereby configuring one of the world’s largest Citrix installations.

“Citrix technology played a fundamental role since it provided us with a scalable IT infrastructure, with easily replicable services in all the customer service centers, and with high security levels through the centralized administration of the IT assets,” Urzúa said.

Thanks to Citrix technologies, the unification was quick and the employees did not have to go through a cultural change since they were familiar with the look and feel provided by Citrix.

Today Movistar has more than 100 applications that are delivered to users in many different locations, from the central branch of a major city or a more remote location. Regardless, the experience is the same for everyone. This was accomplished with Citrix® XenDesktop® Platinum Edition, Citrix® XenServer™, products that helped Movistar to deploy it services along its network.

The second stage entailed carrying out a security system installation based on policy-based access controls and identity management.  Security is critical because Movistar’s customer service call centers have a monthly turnover of nearly 10 percent, which represents 400 employees a month who are hired or fired within the company.

This required a solution that provided corporate network security, in order to find and prevent possible fraud. To this end the products, Citrix® XenApp™, Platinum Edition with single sign-on and password control and Smart Auditor functionality were implemented. to provide traceability controls for user connections, which allow rapid detection of a possible point of fraud both in its network as well as in third-party companies that access its applications. This was supplemented with a series of access policies for employees in the main office and the branches, which streamlines users’ administration and helps prevent security breaches.

Citrix technology gave Movistar centralized control over servers, applications, desktops and user access, which helped offer the highest level of security to call centers, the branches and external offices. Carrying out direct monitoring created a direct system report of all risks that may exist with the use of corporate applications, which motivated an improved use of the tools the company offers to its employees.  “Today, we have a safe and effective methodology to measure users’ traceability, determine activities performed, and protect the company’s business information,” added Urzúa.

The solution includes other Citrix products. Citrix® Branch Repeater™ optimizes the performance of applications and desktops delivered to branch offices, delivering a high–definition experience using little bandwidth. Citrix® NetScaler® was implemented to allow the portal to address the users’ demand at key moments, such as during the launch of the Apple® iPad® and iPhone® 4.

For customer interface, telephone operations were aligned with the Movistar brand, which was achieved by unifying both companies’ technological platform.

The Citrix platform is a solid platform for one of the world’s largest companies

Currently, Movistar can offer its users a high-performance experience with application and desktop  delivery and has a technology platform suitable to carry out cloud computing.  “We have managed to create a solid platform to maintain operational continuity, offering internal users the service they need for responsive customer service,” he explained.

Future Plans

Since unifying the Movistar IT platform on Citrix solutions successfully in Chile, this model will now be replicated throughout Latin America. The experience gained from the Movistar Chile case and its history with Citrix technology will allow technology modernization and cultural change to be executed rapidly and effectively. In fact, Movistar Chile’s success provides all subsidiaries a best practices process to carry forward this procedure.

When you have an IT infrastructure based on the virtualization of desktops and application, it is much simpler to offer security and carry out fraud control since a traceability and security policy can be established about what users do inside the network, as well as allowing an increase in the number of people who use the services, both inside the company as in the business network.
- Luis Urzúa

Manager of IT Services Technology and Operations

Movistar Chile

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We had a tremendous challenge: the One Brand Project allowed us to arrive to the market with a service offering for the end customer that differs from competitors, and that internally would allow for the integration between Movistar and Telefónica.
- Luis Urzúa

Manager of IT Services Technology and Operations

Movistar Chile

Key Benefits

  • Secure global application and desktop delivery for all internal and external users
  • High-performance user experience supports excellent customer service
  • Provides a best practice model for expansion of virtual computing
  • Technology platform prepared for Cloud Computing and Self Service.

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