Expanding a Dream Business Into a Hosted Services Leader

Started by a 13-year-old boy's entrepreneurial vision, Citrix Service Provider partner Magic Cloud was a pioneer in cloud services. Identifying early the opportunity to provide services through the internet, Magic Cloud has expanded to drive secure, modern cloud services. Today, the Finland-based firm provides a range of hosting services, including IT-as-a-Service, Desktops-as-a-Service and Apps-as-a-Service. Customers include a growing number of accounting and private healthcare organizations, as well as a significant number of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

The Challenge: Secure remote access, mobility and managed IT

Organizations with fewer than 100 desktops don't always have the resources to manage IT. When users expect to work from home or access business applications on a tablet or smartphone, questions arise. Small firms struggle to keep up with the changes in technology. Many firms overlook the "soft costs" of managing IT on their own, failing to think about the impact of time spent looking into IT issues and not focusing on their customers and the specialty of the business.

The Solution: Carefree IT solutions from a hosted services provider

"Carefree solutions" is how Timo Haapavuori, Magic Cloud President and CEO, describes his firm's services. "Accounting companies need to be customer focused. In many cases they don't have the opportunity to provide the range of IT services that they would like to run their business, so they need a partner," he explained. After evaluating other cloud technology vendors, Magic Cloud chose Citrix as the foundation for their comprehensive IT service offerings. "Citrix is the best way to deliver a broad range of customized IT services to customers," Haapavuori said. Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenServer, Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager, Citrix Sharefile, Citrix GoToMeeting and Citrix Netscaler drive Magic Cloud services to customers throughout Finland.

Key Benefits

Automating multi-tenant provisioning, billing and customer management

Automating the setup of new customers and managing the day-to-day interactions of current customers has helped drive growth. Magic Cloud took advantage of the Business Support Systems (BSS) starter pack, combining secure multi-tenant provisioning of hosted applications and desktops with the Interworks Cloud BSS, a Citrix partner, for billing and customer management. For setup, Magic Cloud engaged with Nimateks Consulting. Magic Cloud customers can always see what they're spending on hosting services, invoices are accurate and manual work is streamlined. "Before, we didn't have an automated system for customers, now they know exactly what they are spending – the BSS starter pack gave us an easy way to upgrade our systems. The process is now automated and customers have self-service. Without this kind of solution it would have been hard to grow our systems," Haapavuori said. The streamlined provisioning of Citrix services is also beneficial, he said, "It's a huge time saver – it really allows one staff person to focus on something else and be more productive."

Citrix and Microsoft alignment

"Basically all of our customers use Microsoft. Citrix is often the best way to deliver Microsoft-based software," Haapavuori said. Working with Citrix and Microsoft, Magic Cloud can solve customer issues and plan the most strategic way to deliver applications to end-users.

Focus on specific verticals builds specialization and success

Concentrating on just a few vertical markets like ISVs and accounting companies has helped Magic Cloud to build deep specialization in the business needs, critical applications and workstyles of those industries. "Services providers that focus on only a few vertical sectors are well aware of the business applications for those industries, and at the same time understand how Citrix products work with those applications and environments. If you try to offer everything to everyone, it's more complex and difficult," Haapavuori advised.

Looking Ahead

"We are working actively to upgrade our services solutions for a wide number of customers," Haapavuori explained. "We have a great ambition to be the first in Finland to offer these kinds of expanded services." He highlighted the value of the Citrix name and cooperation with the Citrix Service Provider (CSP) program team to help enable partners to drive this kind of success. Besides focusing on Finnish markets, Magic Cloud is also actively looking for ways to grow abroad with new associates, and as well to expand into more markets with white label partnerships for hosted services.

About Citrix

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  • Hosted cloud services for specific vertical markets

Key Benefits

  • Automating multi-tenant provisioning
  • Streamlining billing and customer management
  • Citrix and Microsoft relationship

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