International tax firm secures, mobilizes, and optimizes app and data delivery with Citrix Cloud

Hernandez & Company counts on Citrix Cloud for growth and innovation

Hernandez & Company provides corporate tax and advisory services to multinational firms and international investors with business interests and assets in the US. Citrix Cloud simplified IT management, provided remote access to applications and desktops, improved security and compliance, and introduced ShareFile for cloud document management.

Everyone wants to feel like a valued customer. That’s why Hernandez & Company provides personalized tax advisory and accounting services to international enterprises and high-net-worth individuals with financial interests in the United States.

Headquartered in Coral Gables, Florida, Hernandez & Company needed a flexible technology infrastructure that would protect its data and meet financial regulatory requirements while making information available anywhere in the world.

The rapidly growing firm appreciated the simplicity and performance of its on-premises Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop software but required additional speed and flexibility to manage sensitive client data while complying with industry regulations and foreign data sovereignty requirements without increasing costs or complexity. Executives also wanted dependable technology that could scale to meet seasonal demand and provide secure remote access—all without requiring in-house virtualization experts.

With guidance from MaviSky Technology Services, a Citrix partner, Hernandez & Company chose Citrix Cloud Integrated Apps and Data Suite, which comprises XenApp and XenDesktop, XenMobile, ShareFile, and NetScaler – delivered as managed services on a single cloud platform.

MaviSky helped Hernandez & Company deploy Citrix Cloud in just three days. The company now has network, storage, and compute resources on a private cloud managed by MaviSky.

The accounting firm uses XenApp software to deliver virtual apps, XenMobile to provide employees with secure remote access to data and applications, and ShareFile to securely exchange and manage documents in the cloud.

“The main two challenges we face as a global firm are information sharing and the protection of that information,” says Danay Ramirez, director of operations for Hernandez & Company. “Citrix Cloud allows us to design a workplace that works for our firm.”

Employees can access data from remote locations such as client sites, using either company or personal devices, while meeting regulatory requirements for security and privacy. “Citrix Cloud brings everything into one place,” says Armando Hernandez, the accounting firm’s chief executive. “And it gives us the flexibility to adjust our IT infrastructure any way we want as we grow.”

Access data, anytime and anywhere, without compromising security

To provide fast, responsive customer service, Hernandez & Company account executives needed to securely access information when meeting with clients outside of the United States. After reviewing the new Citrix technologies, the firm recognized an opportunity to enable secure, remote communications between employees and customers, no matter where they are located.

All the information employees need is available at their fingertips. “When a client asks a question, you can look on your phone or computer and give the answer right away without returning to the office,” says Hernandez.

And Citrix Cloud protects the company’s applications and data. Clients can use the ShareFile solution to access documents securely. ShareFile is also more efficient than sending faxes or using a courier service to share information.

With the ability to have multiple clouds, the firm can store information in different locations, providing access to authorized users and supporting data sovereignty requirements. In addition, XenMobile segregates corporate data on a worker’s mobile device from personal data and apps.

“Being able to control the mobile apps and devices was a high priority for Hernandez,” says Omer Palo, chief executive of MaviSky. “That’s why XenMobile was the best choice. It offers not just application delivery but 100 percent control of both device and mobile application management.”

Slash IT costs

Citrix Cloud brings many advantages to fast-growing professional services firms, especially those with a large international client base. The flexibility of the cloud-based approach makes it easy for Hernandez & Company to quickly add staff to meet the heavy demand for services during peak tax season.

“Because management is in the cloud, we always have the latest version of the software without manually upgrading to new versions,” says Hernandez. “And I don’t have to buy software that I don’t need. If I open an office with 20 employees, I only have to buy 20 software licenses, and that really reduces IT costs.”

With a managed Citrix environment, Hernandez & Company can also reduce the need for specialized, often scarce technology skills. “We can run IT from a central location, so I don’t need to have a virtualization expert or even a Citrix expert in every office,” he says. “Because we partner with MaviSky, we no longer need in-house knowledge to manage our virtual desktop infrastructure.”

Support rapid business growth

Hernandez & Company plans to continue growing, with a goal of becoming a top-100 accounting firm. They currently are among the 25 largest CPA firms in South Florida. Building on the scalability of Citrix Cloud and the ability to create new virtual machines, the company has the technology foundation needed to realize its business goals.

“Citrix Cloud allows us to expand into new places and grow our business without making a big investment in IT infrastructure,” says Hernandez. “We can set up a new office and deploy the applications over a weekend. That’s something we couldn’t do before.”

With the help of Citrix, Hernandez sees a bright future ahead. “When you’re growing fast, you need a partner that can give you flexibility,” he says. “Citrix offers the ability to control the data and create a flexible infrastructure. That flexibility puts us at a different level when it comes to competing with other accounting firms.”  

Citrix Cloud brings everything into one place, and it gives us the flexibility to adjust our IT infrastructure any way we want as we grow.
Armando Hernandez
Hernandez & Company

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Citrix Cloud will allow us to expand into new places and grow our business without making a big investment in IT infrastructure.
Armando Hernandez
Hernandez & Company


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