New technology enhances global cooperation at Grundfos

Grundfos A/S is one of Denmark's largest industrial companies, with 18,000 employees across 56 countries, including an IT organization of 390 employees. It has a very large exchange of information across borders with chat, e-mail, telephone and video conferencing. The employees at the smaller locations, however, experienced excessively long response times and therefore concluded to Grundfos that there was need for a new IT solution that could improve its ability to move quickly globally.

Grundfos chose a solution based on Citrix Branch Repeater, a small physical box that is used to optimize the 'performance' of the software, Grundfos uses. Citrix Branch Repeater installed on the smaller offices that do not have these servers, thus optimizing response time to an acceptable level.

"We can now give colleagues access to the information they need, with a significantly improved response time. It makes a big difference in efficiency that employees can now get their information in 30 seconds rather than five minutes," says Peter Hvilshøj, operations manager, Grundfos.

Clear improvement of IT performance

With Citrix Branch Repeater Grundfos now had efficient exchange of information throughout the organization and has reduced its response time by 90 percent. Citrix Branch Repeater is powered by Smart Acceleration, which means that the user experiences greater detail, increased speed and control of service traffic. It ultimately means a reduction of broadband consumption and a significant simplification of the individual departments' IT management.

"We chose Citrix Branch Repeater based on a desire to 'speed up' the sharing of information without buying more bandwidth. We tested several products, and what made the difference was a balance of performance and price. The other products did not meet the criterion. We had a belief that with Citrix, we could reach the same heights and thus achieve the same positive effect," continues Peter Hvilshøj.

Citrix Branch Repeater is installed on all Grundfos smaller locations worldwide, and that means that all Grundfos employees can now access the same data without experiencing limitations due to geographical location.

"Our requirement does not differ particularly from other major international organizations. We would like to share information across countries as quickly and efficiently as possible," says Peter Hvilshøj.

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We can now give people access to the information they need, with a significantly improved response time. It makes a big difference in efficiency that employees can now get information in 30 seconds rather than five minutes.
- Peter Hvilshøj

Operations Manager

Grundfos A/S


Key Benefits

  • File sharing between headquarters and branch offices is running much faster
  • Optimizes applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SAP and Oracle over the WAN connection and optimizes Citrix traffic (ICA)
  • Enables the consolidation and optimization of performance at  branch offices

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