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Aria Systems delivers consistent user experience and drives security with Citrix

Aria Systems is a cloud-based billing and monetization platform that simplifies conducting transactions for businesses. Their goal is to continue to innovate for the benefit of their customers. Citrix ADC secures the transactions from the point it leaves the customer’s infrastructure to the time it reaches Aria’s infrastructure. In order to maintain their reputation with their customers, Citrix ADC helps Aria to maintain certain levels of certifications to ensure compliance. It also enables them to scale quicky and easily, with centrally-managed pooled capacity licensing. They can manage all of their infrastructure from one central console, which makes their lives a lot easier.

As we moved from datacenters into the cloud, and as we move from cloud to microservices architectures…Citrix ADC is a product that is ready for that type of new technology and is going to help us expand into that space.
Geoff Knaak
Technical Manager and Sr. Systems Administrator
Aria Systems


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