NetScaler 10.5 Admin Partitions Release Notes

Updated: November 18, 2014
This admin partition release is based on NetScaler 10.5 Build 52.11.

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Points to Note
The list of points to note available in Build 52.1155.e.
Admin Partitions
  • For large configurations, Citrix advises that you change the maximum memory limit from the default value of 10 MB.
    [From Build 52.1155.e] [#504366]
  • After adding an admin partition, make sure you save the configurations on the default partition. Otherwise, the partition setup configurations will be lost on system reboot.
    [From Build 52.1155.e] [#493668]
  • While creating an admin partition make sure that you first bind the user to the partition and then bind the required command policy to that user.
    [From Build 52.1155.e] [#500821]
What's New?
The list of enhancements released in Build 52.1155.e.
Admin Partitions
  • The NetScaler ADC provides an infrastructure called admin partitions that can be used to logically partition a NetScaler ADC such that each partition can function as a logical NetScaler ADC.
    Each admin partition:
    - Has its own NetScaler configurations.
    - Has its own administrators and users. Only users associated with a partition or system superuser can access and update the configurations.
    - Uses a subset of NetScaler system resources such as bandwidth, connection pools, and memory.
    - Handles traffic that is specific for that partition.
    For more information, see
    [From Build 52.1155.e] [#437626]
Fixed Issues
The issues addressed in Build 52.1155.e.
Admin Partitions
  • In admin partitions, details of interfaces are are not displayed correctly.
    [From Build 52.1155.e] [#511015, #512639]
Command Line Interface
  • For all users, besides nsroot, failure in the execution of the "import responder htmlpage" command results in the "Done" message being displayed. This behavior is exhibited in default and non-default partitions.
    [From Build 52.1155.e] [#506340]
Configuration Utility
  • The configuration utility throws an error when the values for minimum bandwidth, maximum bandwidth, and maximum connections are either set greater than the maximum supported value or lesser than the minimum supported value. Instead, the default value should have been set.
    [From Build 52.1155.e] [#510293]
  • The NetScaler configuration utility incorrectly displays VLAN1, which cannot be bound to a partition. If you try to bind this VLAN, the following error is displayed: ÔÇťOperation not permitted".
    [From Build 52.1155.e] [#507394]
  • Traffic domains can not be added by using the configuration utility.
    [From Build 52.1155.e] [#512627]
  • An invalid error message is being displayed when trying to add a VLAN.
    [From Build 52.1155.e] [#513222, #512642, #512655]
  • When deleting an admin partition, the NetScaler appliance can crash in some rarely occuring scenario.
    [From Build 52.1155.e] [#504911, #505396]
  • When using the audit log feature, when deleting a partition, assert in hit when the NetScaler tries to transmit an NSB which is already freed. This issue is observed in the following scenarios:
    - When force failover is done on the primary node of HA setup.
    - When "clear config -f extended+" command was issued in default partition with 6 interfaces in a VPX and 2 user partitions configured with basic configs in it.
    [From Build 52.1155.e] [#504101, #505766, #507193]
  • Logging in to a NetScaler VPX too quickly after it has boot-up can cause the appliance to become unavailable.
    [From Build 52.1155.e] [#510294]
Known Issues
The known issues present in Build 52.1155.e.
Admin Partitions
  • In a NetScaler VPX with a large number of partitions, there can be lack of available disk space as newnslog files are created frequently due to rollover. This may result in the GUI and CLI becoming inaccessible.
    [From Build 52.1155.e] [#515419]
  • RPCSVR services cannot be configured in admin partitions.
    [From Build 52.1155.e] [#498477]
  • The GSLB configurations applied in the default partition can be viewed in admin partitions. This is not expected as user must not be able to view configurations that are defined in other partitions.
    [From Build 52.1155.e] [#489512]
  • In a high availability (HA) deployment of NetScaler that has a high number of partitions (approximately 500) configured, the configuration synchronization might take more than 5 minutes.
    [From Build 52.1155.e] [#515322]
Configuration Utility
  • Even though a partition operator cannot perform the add/rm/set/unset /bind/unbind/show operation for lb vserver, service, servicegroup, app flow collector, and cs policy, the configuration utility displays these operations.
    [From Build 52.1155.e] [#507995]
  • The Surge protection feature cannot be configured in an admin partition. Since, surge protection parameters are part of the Change Global System Settings (System > Settings) dialog, when you try to update the global settings, the "Operation not supported" message is displayed.
    [From Build 52.1155.e] [#498004]
  • When configuring an admin partition, in the list of channels (Network > Channels), the state of the LACP channel is incorrectly displayed. This issue is not present in the default partition.
    [From Build 52.1155.e] [#517606, #518444]
  • When a partition admin tries to perform the Download, Create, or Create Directory operation on the "Manage Certificate" screen, the operation not permitted error is displayed. The expected behavior is that the buttons must be disabled.
    [From Build 52.1155.e] [#491353]
Load Balancing
  • In a high availability (HA) deployment of the NetScaler, if there have been more than two failovers, the load balancing persistency of previous sessions in admin partitions is not honored.
    [From Build 52.1155.e] [#517023]
  • When displaying the results of the "show lb monitor" command, the numbering of the user-defined monitors restarts from 1 instead of continuing the numbering from the list of built-in monitors.
    [From Build 52.1155.e] [#511222]
  • In both, default or admin partitions, when trying to import a password-protected key file, you get an error indicating that the key file is invalid. This error occurs because the NetScaler cannot import such key files.
    [From Build 52.1155.e] [#512334]
  • The maximum memory that can be configured for an admin partition is 2048 MB. Setting a value greater than this means that the value is automatically truncated to 2048 MB. This memory limit is per packet engine of the NetScaler.
    [From Build 52.1155.e] [#504426]
  • The Path MTU (PMTU) details are maintained at the global level instead of being maintained for each admin partition. This may cause NetScaler to use smaller segment size (MSS) to some hosts from all partitions even when some partitions may have routes which allow larger MSS.
    [From Build 52.1155.e] [#502352]
  • For a weblog client that is deployed on Linux, if there are more than 100 admin partitions, the partition names are not displayed properly.
    [From Build 52.1155.e] [#518461]
TCP Buffering
  • NetScaler might bypass TCP buffering for connections in non-default partitions since the memory pool is not initialized properly.
    [From Build 52.1155.e] [#496522]