About the Citrix Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP)

At Citrix, our goal is to build products that customers love, need, and can use to the fullest potential. We collect customer feedback through surveys, interviews, and other field research.

However, we have thousands of customers using our products, so it is impossible to reach out to all of you to get feedback. To give all our customers a chance to contribute to make our products better, we created the Citrix Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP).

If you choose to participate in the program, Citrix will collect anonymous information about your deployment in order to improve our understanding of how you configure and use our products and services.   A Citrix Service Provider may also opt-in to this program on your behalf.  This information will be used to improve the quality, reliability, and performance of our products, and you can always opt-out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Citrix CEIP work?

CEIP is voluntary. When you opt-in, our CEIP services running in Citrix products gather anonymous configuration and usage data from your deployment, and automatically send the data to Citrix. Configuration data is typically collected on a weekly basis, while performance and usage data is collected hourly. The data is stored on disk and transferred securely via HTTPS to Citrix weekly.

Can I view the data before it is sent?

Unfortunately there is no easy way for you to review the data before it is sent. Citrix CEIP was designed to reach across thousands of customers and collect information from thousands of deployments. We have designed our services so that it can efficiently collect and process the data and automatically send the information over to Citrix, without interrupting your work.  In certain circumstances, however, you may elect to be provided email alerts and notifications pertaining to license usage, system health, and analytics.

Also, we delete the data from your environment as soon as it successfully uploads to Citrix. This ensures there is no impact on your environment. 

Will the data collected be anonymized?

Yes! We take extra care not to collect any personally identifiable information (for example, usernames) or information that identifies your deployment (for example, server names).

How does Citrix protect the privacy of CEIP program participants?

  • We do not collect any personally identifiable information
  • We use a random identifier created at install time, which tracks data transfers over time
  • We do not record information such as IP addresses, server names, or domain names
  • All data is sent using HTTPS directly to Citrix servers – we do not use third party data hosting services
  • All data is secured on Citrix servers and is accessible only by authorized individuals

Citrix Privacy Policy

What data does Citrix collect?

When you participate, we collect basic information about how you use our products and services. We use the information to help improve the features you use most often and to create solutions to common problems.

Citrix CEIP collects two classes of information:

  • Configuration Data
  • Performance & Reliability Data

Configuration Data typically tells Citrix how you have configured our products. For example, it might include information such as versions installed, the operating system running, CPU and memory settings, whether the system is virtualized or not, and which features you have installed.

Performance and Reliability Data helps Citrix understand the responsiveness and reliability of our software, and helps us identify common issues encountered when using our product, which Citrix needs to address. For example, it might include information such as how responsive and intuitive our wizards are, how long it takes manual or automated tasks to occur, or the number and frequency of unexpected events you experience.

Citrix uses these two classes of information to improve our products and we may share information with our partners to service you better.

If I choose to participate, can I opt out later?

Yes. You can choose to join or end participation at any time. Participation in this program is optional. You can choose not to participate during installation or upgrading. Later, if you change your mind about participating, it’s easy to opt in or opt out.  If your Citrix offering is provided by a Citrix Service Provider, you may need to contact that Provider in order to do this.

Will I be contacted by Citrix if I participate?

The Customer Experience Improvement Program does not collect any customer contact information. The information we receive is anonymous.  However, in certain circumstances, you may elect to be provided email alerts and notifications pertaining to license usage, system health, and analytics.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact your Citrix account manager, Support professional, Service Provider or send us your feedback.