About Citrix Call Home

At Citrix, our goal is to build products that customers love, need, and can use to the fullest potential. We realize that there may be times where our products do not perform as designed or desired.  There may be circumstances where Citrix needs to collect information about the performance of a product in order to perform issue diagnosis and resolution.

One of the ways we collect diagnostic information is by utilizing Citrix Call Home.  Citrix Call Home performs periodic collection of system and product configuration, performance, errors and more.  This information is then transmitted to Citrix Insight Services in order for our support and product teams to resolve issues proactively.

If you participate in the Call Home program, Citrix will collect this information about your deployment in order to improve our understanding of how you configure and use our products and services. This information will be used to improve the quality, reliability, and performance of our products.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Citrix Call Home work?

Participation in Citrix Call Home is voluntary.  When you participate, our Call Home services running in Citrix products gather configuration and usage data from your deployment, and automatically send the data to Citrix. Configuration data is typically collected on a weekly basis, while performance and usage data is collected hourly. The data is stored on disk and transferred securely via HTTPS to Citrix weekly.

Can I view the data before it is sent?

Unfortunately there is no easy way for you to review the data before it is sent. Citrix Call Home was designed to reach across thousands of customers and collect information from thousands of deployments. We have designed our services so that it can efficiently collect and process the data and automatically send the information over to Citrix, without interrupting your work.

Also, we delete the data as soon as it successfully uploads to Citrix. This ensures there is no impact on your environment.

Will the data collected be identifiable?

Yes, the data will be able to identify you as a customer.  It is important to note that Citrix Call Home data would also be collected if you were to raise a support request with Citrix.  The information gathered and uploaded is diagnostic in nature.

What data does Citrix collect?

When you participate, we collect basic information about how you use our products and services as well as how they are performing. We use the information to help improve the features you use most often and to create solutions to common problems.

If I choose to participate, can I opt out later?

Yes. You can join or end participation at any time. Participation in this program is optional. 

Will I be contacted by Citrix if I participate?

Potentially.  Citrix Call Home is designed to ensure your product is performing within specifications.  Should there be a condition that presents a risk to your implementation and you have a valid support agreement, a Citrix Support Engineer may contact you for issue resolution steps.  If you have any questions about this program, please contact your Citrix account manager, Support professional, or send us your feedback.