License Agreements (EULAs) and Service Agreements (EUSAs)

Citrix End User License Agreements (EULAs) and End User Subscription Agreements (EUSAs) provide information about the rights to use our products and related support, maintenance and consulting services. All Citrix customers should review product specific EULAs and EUSAs before purchasing any of our products and related services. Please select the product EULA or EUSA you wish to review from the list below.

Enterprise Software

  • Enterprise Mobility (Workspace Suite, XenMobile On Premises)
  • Cloud Networking (NetScaler VPX, NetScaler CPX, NetScaler MAS, NetScaler Gateway, NetScaler Unified Gateway, NetScaler SD-WAN)
  • App & Desktop Virtualization (XenApp, XenDesktop, Provisioning Services, EdgeSight, DesktopPlayer (for Windows or Mac), XenServer, App Layering)
  • Data Sharing (ShareFile StorageZones On Premises)

Enterprise Hardware

  • Cloud Networking (NetScaler MPX, NetScaler SDX, NetScaler AppFirewall, NetScaler Command Center, NetScaler Gateway, NetScaler Unified Gateway, NetScaler Secure Web Gateway, NetScaler SD-WAN)

Citrix Cloud Platform

  • Enterprise Mobility (Workspace Service, XenMobile Service)
  • Cloud Networking (NetScaler Gateway Service, NetScaler Web App Security Service)
  • App & Desktop Virtualization (XenApp & XenDesktop Service, XenDesktop Service, XenApp Secure Browser Service, XenApp Essentials Service, XenDesktop Essentials Service)*
  • Data Sharing (ShareFile Service)

*XenApp Essentials Service and XenDesktop Essentials Service are available only in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Enterprise SaaS

  • File Sync & Sharing (ShareFile, ShareFile Healthcare, ShareFile Legal Services, RightSignature, ShareConnect)
  • Online Collaboration (Podio)

Other Products