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¿Están listos para 2017? Un año de cambios requiere estar preparados

View into upcoming trends that IT directors need to have in mind for 2017.

Estão prontos para 2017? Um ano de mudanças requer preparação

View into upcoming trends that IT directors need to have in mind for 2017.

Securely Configuring IPMI/LOM on NetScaler

Dropbear SSH released a new version (2016.74) of the SSH server in July 2016, along with the fixes for four…

New Year, New XenServer Training At Citrix Summit 2017

There remain only a few weeks of 2016, with just a Christmas turkey and a new year toast until Citrix…

Promise and Peril: Tasting the Juicy Sweetness & Security of IoT

Today, at the HPE Discover event in London, I was privileged to participate on a panel that was intriguingly entitled…

IoT Security – Light Relief for the Industry

The opportunity for the Internet of Things is often connected business potential represented by all the new and interesting devices,…

The Mainstream Cloud Journey: Meeting Customers Where They Are

In the consumer world, we’re seeing the disruptive power of businesses born in the cloud through the emergence of companies…

4 Reasons to Rethink Your Business Mobility Strategy

When did you last review your business mobility strategy? 4 reasons why you should be rethinking your business mobility plans.

Supportability Working for SSL Certificates on Citrix NetScaler

Supportability project to simplify and improve usability of SSL Certificates on Citrix NetScaler and NetScaler Gateway

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