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SD-WAN: The Backbone of Hybrid Cloud for the Enterprise

Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) is, quite simply, the backbone of hybrid cloud for enterprise applications.

What’s Your Cloud’s Superpower?

Pay attention to technology prognosticators (yes, like me) for long and you’ll hear one word repeated again and again and again: Cloud. Specifically, hybrid cloud. 

2018: The Year of Automation & Anti-innovation

2018 is the year of automation and anti-innovation. You might be thinking something along the lines of, “How can both of these things be true?”

Digital Transformation & User Experience: Driving Better Patient Outcomes in 2018

Whenever a breakthrough, life-saving innovation happens in healthcare, medical professionals have to adapt to the advanced tools and systems behind…

From AI, VR and IoT to Robotics, Tech Has Lots in Store in 2018!

Each year around this time, we do our best to peer into the future and make predictions about those things…

On What’s Next For the Industry …

Each year, Citrix experts pull together their thoughts on the technology changes they expect in the coming year, and 2017…